Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus 2xLP

Finally, night has fallen and the vinyl version of the latest Nightbringer record is upon us. Daemon Worship did it up right with this one. It can weigh a little heavy on your coin purse, but the presentation looks like it will be totally worth it. Available in Black, Qayin (red/black/clear splatter) and Azazel (blue/gold splatter) – all of which are on heavy vinyl and come in a trifold jacket with a two-sided poster and a 24-page booklet. Qayin and Azazel also include printed outer sleeves and a patch for your unholy shrouds.

You know what to do.



Il’ithil – Ia’Winde LP

Winter’s not done yet. Case in point: this frigid release from Il’ithil on Psychic Violence. A cold blast of black metal wherein the author’s specifics are shrouded in the type of mystery typical of the genre, but we know all we need to in the fact that he is closely related to the Wolvserpent and Aelter projects. Hmmm. 329 copies on black vinyl will be released, and can be pre-ordered from


Kruder & Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions 5xLP

I must have burned through a half dozen copies of this album on CD-R back in the early naughts. The K&D Sessions would get played on an infinity loop in whatever CD player was close at hand, until the cheaply made plastic disc it had been burned onto would begin to disintegrate, and then it was up to my trusty Powerbook to bake me another copy. Repeat until death. Except now, you can finally stop stalking bootleg copies of vinyl on Discogs and revel in the analogue majesty of a properly reissued and remastered set. Five LPs of the best electronic music ever recorded. Ever. I see it for sale at

Kruder & Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions 5xLP


Alva Noto – Xerrox Vol. 3 2xLP

April 28th (or the 27th, depending on your current meatspace) marks the return of the sublime tones ‘n’ drones of Alva Noto’s Xerrox series. Vol. 3, to be specific, but who’s counting? Well, I am. Because every new entry in the series marks another black and white and well-worn spine on my record shelf that I can reach for any time I want to listen to some proper, world class ambient music prepared by a master of that craft. Pick up your pre-order from or

Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol 3


Leafcutter John – Resurrection LP

Remember Leafcutter John? Well, its been a minute so we don’t totally blame you. He hasn’t released a solo record in almost a decade. Luckily for you, he’s dropping his new work ‘Resurrection’ on May 12. For those unaware, LJ has a history with crazy techniques and software for the rearranging and mangling sound. On this new recording, we’re being treated to the maturation of this idiom. Syrupy swells, woodwinds, mystery vocals and restrained, delicate guitar work are all blended into a strange comforting cacophony (thats a thing, right?). On one track, there is even a layer of sound from the North Sea that is representative of YOU. Thats right. One layer for every person alive at the time of recording. Thats just bonkers.

Speaking of bonkers, it’s being released by Desire Path, so you know it’ll be legit from the groove to the grave. Limited to 500 copies on transparent blue vinyl.



Mountains – You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 11 7″

Who hath said that singles art dead?! Dearest internet citizens, hark! For thither is a new Mountains record! And this time its a small one. That’s right, a new 7″ is now available from the fine purveyors at Geographic North as part of their ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever’ series. Two movements of lush drone and modular synth arpeggios float ere thee as a cloud that may taketh shape and then passeth into a sweet, halcyon oblivion. But oh, how those moments of imaginative creation shine!

These slabs of wax art limited to only 300 pieces on harvest peach vinyl. Doth not wait too long!


Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek – Whorls LP

‘Whorls’ is the third collaboration between Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek (aka Rutger Zuydervelt) on the very excellent UK label Low Point. This new LP finds the duo expanding their sonic palettes and creating what is easily the most engaging record of all their get-togethers. Strings are bowed and guitars swell, while electronics chirp away, juxtaposing melody with dissonance. All this set off by a fantastically minimal sleeve design. Highly recommended.

Limited to 250 copies on 180g vinyl. Available direct from the label, though we imagine copies will surface in the US soon.


Tape Tuesday: Bad Body – Do You Know I Live?

‘Do You Know I Live?’ is the newest tape by Bad Body on Tombed Visions…and its a weird one. The good kind of weird. The kind of weird that spans two side lengths movements of late night vibratory drones, industrial scrapes and sing-song-spoken word vocal work that somehow manages to creep you out and win you over all at once. Fans of David Tibet, Alan Moore and that one odd Radiohead track about pigs and antibiotics should take note.

Limited to only 20 copies(!) in oversized cases. Do not sleep. You might never recover.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress LP

There’s a very good chance that your favorite record store has this available for a pre-order right now, or will be stocking it on their shelves come tomorrow. So why not pick up a copy this week? After all, this is infinitely better than anything coming out on Record Store Day. The new LP from sonic rock titans Godspeed You! Black Emperor is available now from Go there to peruse your myriad of ordering options or if you are overwhelmed, why not just pre-order a copy from

Wanna listen first? Stream it at for now.


ZOM – Flesh Assimilation LP

ZOM’s debut LP has been given the vinyl treatment (including a foldout cover to showcase the beautiful artwork) thanks to the discerning minds over at Dark Descent. Pre-orders have been announced, and come May 18th or thereabouts, you should be holding in your hands a true manifestation of filthy, rotted death, courtesy of these Irish blokes. You can currently commit your dollars to for an investment in your future enjoyment.