Chthe’ilist – Le Dernier Crépuscule 2LP

Dark Descent Records takes on vinyl pressing duties for the debut album from Chthe’ilist. Lovecraftian points of reference seem like the obvious schtick here, but according to the band: the lyrics are either original stories, or are directly referencing The Legend Of Zelda. And the music? Well, it crushes. Pick up a pre-order on super sexual swamp green or black vinyl over at


Tape Tuesday: Adam Basanta – A Room Listening To Itself

Usually when you think of feedback, gnarly sounds from amplifiers on a stage come to mind..but Canadian artist Adam Basanta has a more controlled take on the phenomenon. Much like the early electroacoustic recordings of the 60s, ‘A Room Listening To Itself’ is based on the feedback of microphones and speakers..but with the modern twist of computer controlled calibration to achieve balance within the space. Just check out the video, its all there.

Highly recommended and available from Important Records Cassauna Division


Paul Jebanasam – Continuum

This is how the machines will annihilate us. Not with violent atomic extermination, but with narcotic lullabies that crescendo via the termination of all organic consciousness. A soundtrack of machine sentience available on vinyl from or


Ande Somby w/ Chris Watson – Yoiking With The Winged Ones LP

Ande Somby, is a yoiker (someone who yoiks.) A yoik, according to indigenous Finno-Ugric oral traditional, is one of the longest living musical traditions in Europe. Somby’s yoiks, or songs, are collected here amidst the birds and mountain passages of the Arctic with the help of field recorder extraordinaire Chris Watson. The movements on the A sides are all originals, while the B side contains a traditional arrangement. Really interesting stuff and something a little different.

Check it out in the Touch shop or from Experimedia.


Conan – Revengeance LP

Conan hasn’t come up in a while here on OMGV, but we are gonna right that ship this instant. This new record ‘Revengeance’ straight up pummels from beginning to end..huuuge guitars tuned to F, crushing low end, and with an addition of a new drummer, we also find the UK trio at their fastest yet (which, yeah, is still kinda slow.) Fuzz packing, amp smoking, riff worshiping, caveman battle doom indeed.

Available in Black, Silver and Orange/Black Splatter from Napalm Records (and from 20 Buck Spin in the states)


Iggy Pop / Tarwater / Alva Noto – Leaves Of Grass 12″

Talk about singing the body electric. Seemingly out of nowhere, we have a collaborative EP of the highest order. Alva Noto, the man behind Rastor Norton and frequent Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborator has teamed up with the guys from Tarwater..and that one dude from the Stooges. Pop finds a firm footing for Whitman’s verse amidst the crackle and thump of Carsten Nicolai’s trademark electronic clicks.

Have a listen and pick this bad boy up direct from Anost (EU) or Forced Exposure (US). All things please the soul, but this pleases the soul well.



Venetian Snares – Traditional Synthesizer Music 2xLP

Canadian beat mangler Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares is returning to the roots with his new release ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music.’ It is exactly was you might expect from the title – 12 tracks of modular synth insanity in typical VS fashion. All the tracks were created in real time, with no over-dubs, and then unpatched at completion. Now that, friends, is devotion to your craft.

It appears the initial pressing has already sold out, but fear not, as a repress is already in the works through the VS camp. Or, check it out here at Experimedia


Josh Mason’s Best of 2015

Favorite Album: Obsequiae—Aria Of Vernal Tombs (20 Buck Spin)

I cannot remember who turned me on to Obsequiae originally, but I owe them big time. Normally, the whole folk metal thing isn’t something i gravitate towards, but Suspended in the Brume of Eos blew me away as the perfect mix of riffage and medieval influence. When it was announced that they had a follow up on 20 Buck Spin, I was hoping for more of the same and I got it (and then some). Everything is spot on from the introduction of ethereal harp playing to the barely there Kingdom of Heaven-esque chant at the end of Autumnal Pyre. Everything is in its right place.

Other albums I enjoyed thoroughly: Tilth ‘Country Music’ / Ian William Craig ‘Cradle For The Wanting’ / Blind Idiot God ‘Before Ever After’ / Live Autechre / Nicolas Bernier ‘Frequencies (Sound Quanta) / Rob Mazurek ‘Alternate Moon Cycles’ / Holly Herndon ‘Platform’ / Duane Pitre ‘Bayou Electric’

Favorite Tape: Benoit Pioulard—Stanza I & II (Baro/Beacon Sound)

The ‘busted, woozy tape’ sound requires finesse. Very easily, it can go off the deep end and just be too damaged to listen to, especially when it involves melodic passages. Things can get too murky and all the detail can be lost. Stanza I & II skate the edges of these ideas perfectly in a way that makes for an incredibly palpable listen.

Other tapes I enjoyed thoroughly: i.o ‘Collection One’ / Erik Maluchnik ‘Inflorescences’ / Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin ‘Olivebridge’ / Danny Clay & Karl Fousek ‘Klang’

Thing I Listened To The Most That Wasn’t Released In 2015: Anonymous 4—The Lily & The Lamb

I guess, just like last year, I found myself listening to a lot of stuff in preparation for music of my own that I was/am working on (and weirdly, it was also medieval in nature.) I discovered Anonymous 4 almost completely by accident while researching Old/Middle English. Some of the movements on this album are just straight mind numbing and beautifully executed. Its a shame they aren’t singing together anymore, but at least I have this discovery to play a billion more times.

Favorite Beer I Discovered in 2015: Trillium (US) – Congress St. IPA / Fort Point Pale Ale

Straight up juice. Long live Trillium and their hoppy black magick!


Mitch Putnam’s Top Twelve Records of 2015

I really feel like 2015 was a great year for music. Virtually every genre made huge advancements, and it was actually hard to narrow my list down to a manageable number. I was able to get to twelve and even found some time to write something about them. I hope you enjoy!


1. Miguel – Wildheart
It seems like after debuting to pretty sizable critical acclaim, most outlets kind of swept Miguel’s newest record under the rug by year’s end. Wildheart may not have been my most-listened-to release of the year, but it’s the one that left me the most excited and bewildered. It is SUCH a complex album, especially for the genre. I imagine it will get its due someday.



2. Deafheaven – New Bermuda
I had sort of drifted away from metal over the past few years, and it took this new Deafheaven record to pull me right back in. It boasts some incredible production and an overall progression of the band’s sound into darker, scarier territory. SO MANY people hate them, but seriously, fuck off. Find something better to complain about.



3. Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
Drake’s best album yet shines in its minimalism. There are no backing vocals, hardly any guests, and really straightforward production. It just sounds like he holed up in a studio by himself with a handful of beats and ripped out some of his rawest verses ever. I think this album won over a ton of skeptics, and for good reason. He’s one of the best.



4. Kill County – Broken Glass in the Sun
You may remember this bourbon-soaked country band from my list in 2013. Their new record is quieter, prettier, and more mature. I can’t recommend it enough. If you listen to one record on this whole list, let it be this one. Those guys deserve it.

Kill County


5. Ty Dolla $ign – Free TC
First, thanks to Sonny from WBYK (see his list below) for turning me onto this one. I went in pretty unfamiliar with Ty and came out the other end a heart-eyed convert. He has unmatchable range and the sound is huge. Would be near the top if not for the unbearable sequence of Credit/Miracle/Guard Down that brings the middle of the album to a screeching halt.

Ty Dolla $ign


6. Jeremih – Late Nights: The Album
Late Nights: The Album came out of nowhere and blew me away instantly. If kids still drink cough syrup to get fucked up, I imagine this slow, woozy piece of sex is their chosen soundtrack. Or it should be. Also, weirdest J. Cole verse ever.



7. Pusha T – King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude
This was another record that did not provide a lot of advance notice and dropped like a bomb. It’s a heavy piece of slime with mesmerizing production by Timbaland, Kanye West, Q-Tip, Metro Boomin, and more. Yech.

Pusha T


8. Ghost Bath – Moonlover
Let’s get this out of the way right now…yes, this album is SUCH a Deafheaven ripoff. Even so, it’s the second-best metal album of 2015. The layers are lush and the aesthetic is dialed in for this controversial band from Minot, ND. The vinyl sounds soooo good too. Black metal at its easiest entry point.

Ghost Bath


9. Panopticon – Autumn Eternal
I was very, very late to the Panopticon bandwagon, which bewilders and energizes me. I love that there are bands this great out there that I haven’t discovered yet. And he lives in Minnesota, so even more love. If you are even remotely interested in black metal, give this a spin, it’ll raise an eyebrow.



10. Blanck Mass – Dumb Flesh
Solo outing from one-half of noise act Fuck Buttons, and it’s a massive one. As dirty and original as electronic music gets. Many haters of the genre love this record. It’s really good.

Blanck Mass


11. Disclosure – Caracal
I might be the only person that likes Disclosure’s newest this much, but I give no excuses nor apologies, it’s the rest of you that aren’t on your game. Caracal is a very, very commercial, radio-friendly outing, but Nocturnal (ft The Weekend), Good Intentions (ft Miguel), and Magnets (ft Lorde) stand up to any pop music released in the past year. Can’t wait to see where they go next.



12. Chris Stapleton – Traveller
Country records take infinitely longer to settle in my system than those of any other genre, so I’ve only just recently joined the Chris Stapleton fan club. The songwriting is what sets Traveller apart from any other country release of recent memory. It’s also awesome to occasionally see the right people get huge in a mainstream way. An easy to find recommendation.

Chris Stapleton


Aaron Horkey’s Top Twelve Records of 2015

We are once again honored to present a year-end list by illustrator and fine artist Aaron Horkey. To learn more about his work, visit


1. Graveyard “Innocence & Decadence” (Nuclear Blast)
More exotic plumage to adorn the dusty caps of these slough-faring Swedes, album number four is a wonderfully sequenced collection of ferocious barn burners (The Apple & The Tree) and heavy hearted darkside serenades (Too Much Is Not Enough). Besides presenting a top notch recorded artifact, the ‘Yard turns in a live set not to be missed, punch in and sweat out…



2. The Weeknd “Beauty Behind the Madness” (Republic)
While not as opaquely mired in inky gloom as his earlier work, Abel Tesfaye remains vigilant about just how many shards of broken light to allow past the curtain. Cataclysm pop as high art, try “The Hills” on infinite repeat as a most fitting score for summoning 20 foot sea goat effigies on museum walls.

The Weeknd


3. Bell Witch “Four Phantoms” (Profound Lore)
A dyad capable of collapsing entire stands of old-growth timber to so much wind blown ash. Bell Witch resuscitate the withered visage of funeral doom on long player number two only to smother it back into the pitch with a slow motion mudslide of smoldering tonnage. Viscous whiplash for tar pits, sink to this…

Bell Witch


4. Giles Corey “s/t” (The Flenser)
A reissue to end all and a proper presentation for this masterwork at long last. Oh! To be able to clutch the physical item as I drift out to sea, my surroundings lit only by the embers of my shipmates. Washed ashore with the jetsam, still cradling my boxed jewel I while away the years laboring to carve a usable sea glass stylus while absorbing the companion novel. Exchanging tropical trade winds for the sharp sting of a New England ice storm, if only in a fever dream. No hyperbole here-one of the best albums of this or any epoch…

Giles Corey


5. Locrian “Infinite Dissolution” (Relapse)
Standing on scorched earth, Locrian paint majestic algal blooms across crystal skies, building worlds and sending them on collision courses while cataloging the results for the future intrepid to unearth and decipher. As terrifying and exquisite as any entry in the band’s vast canon, I.D. further solidifies Locrian’s position among the upper crust of the experimental American underground.



6. Willem Maker “The Earth is All That Lasts” (Makerworks)
Maker’s latest exploration of befouled Americana is as honest, forthright & sublime as any of his previous releases and just as essential. Whereas 2021’s ‘Agapao’ was a sprawling multi-faceted opus, TEIATL sees Maker sever flank from bone and deliver a much more focused and feral collection of 6 songs which clock in at just under 30 wholly extraordinary minutes. Bandcamp for now, pray for vinyl.

Willem Maker


7. The Brvtalist mixtape series (
Currently boasting 39 outstandingly eclectic mixes curated by some of the best and brightest musical talents from each corner of this gray globe The Brvtalist very consistently carries and releases that heat. From the sadistic post-industrial of Human Traffic (no.018) to the wonderful cacophony of Hide (no.037) to the absolute scene-stealing turn by Bloom Offering (no.032) there’s enough brilliance archived here to fuel the thorough defiling of a legion of deadlines and then some. A wormhole awaits, I’m already on the other side.



8. Faith No More “Sol Invictus” (Reclamation)
Long before I could legally drive I’d kick rocks down gravel roads, Walkman on blast, grinding the teeth off a dubbed copy of FNM’s ‘The Real Thing’. Later, I’d put a copy of ‘Angel Dust’ through the same analogue ringer while covering walls with cryptically abstruse territorial pissings. Nearly 20 years removed from the magnificent bastard’s last full length, ‘Sol Invictus’ sparks all the same cylinders as it’s predecessors – taut, engaging and beautifully produced, and already having served as soundtrack to more than a few key scenes.

Faith No More


9. Action Bronson “Mr. Wonderful” (Atlantic/Vice)
My low threshold for tolerating modern rap music is predominantly born from the dreaded ‘old man syndrome’ which is a by-product of coming up at a pivotal time in the genre’s evolution. When ‘De La Soul Is Dead’ is one of your first recorded touchstones achieving a higher water mark is improbable at best. Bronson’s second studio album harkens back to those halcyon days of the early-to-mid nineties with aplomb, affably ricochetting across stylistic schools propelled by Arian Asllani’s brilliant command of satire, sarcasm and syncopated braggadocio. A diversely bombastic production shot through with a welcome vein of humor and self deprecation, this record has me memorizing lyrics again and that’s a rare fucking falcon indeed.

Action Bronson


10. Editors “In Dream” (PIAS)
After a brief misstep with 2013’s ‘The Weight of Your Love” Editors return to  frigid form, reinvigorated and frothing. The self-produced ‘In Dreams’ arrives not a moment too soon as future Bird Machine printing/dance marathons are dependent upon the English band’s new/old wave score keeping.



11. Vidunder “Oracles & Prophets (Crusher)
2015 ushered in a veritable hash typhoon of excellent throwback blues rock with essential albums being issued by Kadavar, Horisont, Orchid and the aforementioned Graveyard. But perhaps the most unexpected Harold Head sized bong blast was emitted by Swedish upstarts Vidunder on their unbelievably infectious sophomore long player. Building upon the scavenged cement block and Zap back issue foundation their s/t debut album comfortably rested upon, the (now) four piece has opened up a spectacular and surreal portal where the filthiest riffs are allowed free reign to melt within beautifully diverse megatherium-boned compositions. A band completely in tune with itself, let’s hope for a stateside run sooner than later.



12. Lana Del Rey “Honeymoon” (Interscope)
No explanation necessary.

Lana Del Rey