Tape Tuesday: KTL Live Series

Demian Johnston and KTL (Stephen O’Malley & Peter Rehberg) are unleashing a 12(!) volume cassette edition of live KTL recordings made over the last couple of years from diverse locations all over the world such as Poland and Canada. While we don’t have any samples of audio available, we can vouch for the quality of both the recordings and Master Johnston’s letterpress artwork. Vol. 1 sold out pretty quick, and Vol. 2 is certain to follow.

Each volume is limited to 100 copies each and are/will be made available via Dead Accents



Tape Tuesday: Blood Room – Habitus

Indole Records from the UK has been doing some really rad stuff with their releases. One of note is ‘Habitus’ by Blood Room (aka Tim Matts) Equal parts plunderphonics and minimal techno, this recording is an examination of everything down in the cracks and in between the walls.

The tape features bonkers illustration by Jennifer Crouch and is limited to 50 copies. Available from Indole and from Tomentosa.



Birdman – OST 2xLP

Did you see Birdman last year? You better have.

It was fantastic, and equally so is the music in it…which is officially getting the wax treatment from Milan Records. Much of the film is peppered with the solo jazz drumming of Antonio Sanchez, which is adept at carrying the scenes along in a way you might have only imagined melody could. In addition to Sanchez’s work, there is also some great movements of classical work from composers like Gustav Mahler and John Adams, all of which is wrapped up in this 2xLP for your at home enjoyment.

Birdman is up for pre-order now for an April 7 release date.


King Woman – Doubt LP

The Flenser has been on a roll lately. One of their newest releases is from King Woman, which is the newest project of Kristina Esfandiari of Whirr fame. Fans of said band will instantly relate, but for those unfamiliar with Whirr, prepare for some gauzy slow motion vocal lamentation accented by walls of guitars and drums. Quite the cathartic record for Esfandiari, tackling subjects like abuse and religion.

The first pressing of milky clear vinyl is gone, but there is black vinyl available as well as a second pressing on oxblood (and a cassette version as well…) Get heavy.


Wrong – Stop Giving 12″

Miami has been home to some heavy hitters in the last few years, bands such as Torche and Capsule. Now we are graced with a splinter group of the latter known as Wrong and they are bringing some heavy riffage in the vein of early Helmet and Unsane to you via Robotic Empire. This 4 song EP is a rager, but in possibly even better news, its also supposedly a prelude for a full length out later this year.

‘Stop Giving’ is limited to 300 copies in silkscreened packages and is available here. Thinking to yourself “Meh, I don’t need that”? Wrong.


James Place – Living On Superstition LP

James Place (Phil Tortoroli) is dropping a new long player on Umor Rex, following his tape last year for Opal Tapes. ‘Living On Superstition’ weaves together a hazy dream like narrative of weird times in the city. Synths and samples stumble all over each other like the fanciest of footwork that adds up to a greater dance.

Impeccably designed and packaged as always, the LP is limited to 300 copies on white vinyl and is available to pre-order via Thrill Jockey


Ranger – Where Evil Dwells LP

Helsinki’s finest throwback thrash squad is set to shock skulls with their debut album release this March. Anticipation for this one sets the pre-hype at nearly unsustainable levels, but it’s very much warranted – the preceding five track Knights Of Darkness EP was just not enough of a good thing. Distribution for this should be pretty good, and right now you can pick up a pre-order at levykauppax.fi or amazon.com.

Ranger - Where Evil Dwells


Rhinocervs – RH-11 LP

The infamous Rhinocervs tape label does not seem to be functioning anymore, but Final Agony seems intent on giving many of their fantastic and poorly-dubbed/distributed releases a proper vinyl pressing (along with a usually much needed remastering). The most recent to hit their shelves is RH-11 and can be purchased on limited colored vinyl over at finalagonyrecords.bigcartel.com. Black vinyl and a test press are also available in the shop.


Warhorse – As Heaven Turns To Ash 2xLP

Southern Lord is reissuing one hell of a classic doom record: Warhorse’s ‘As Heaven Turns To Ash’. This thing, in our humble opinion, is one of those quintessential examples of a crushing record from the era. This new exclusive double vinyl version compiles the original 9 tracks from the ’01 release as well as the ‘I Am Dying’ 7” released in ’02. Thick mammoth riffs and pulverizing drums charge right on through till the end.

Mailorder customers receive limited edition (500) Gold vinyl in a Stoughton Gatefold Jacket and can be had directly from the band or Southern Lord. Hail!



Oren Ambarchi & Jim O’Rourke – Behold LP

YES. This is what’s good right now. Back in 2011 Ambarchi and O’Rourke released the collaborative LP ‘Indeed’ on Editions Mego and it was, indeed, amazing. We just wished it was a bit longer…or for another release altogether. Well, our prayers have been answered. The duo is back with two sides of minimalist electronics, guitars, percussion and more that swirl and envelope the listener like a fog, invoking the musical tendencies of 60’s improv and expansion. Do not sleep on this record.

Available to preorder in the US from Experimedia