Tape Tuesday: Aught

Not really sure where Aught came from. Not really sure it matters either. What is plain to see though, is that they came out of nowhere and are producing some excellent jams ranging from minimal techno to woozy dub. The packaging, as you can see and hear, aligns itself with the music in the best possible way. How much more minimal could it be? None more clear. Snatch these up for those mysterious late night drives.


Tape Tuesday: Krust – The Pleiadian Adventure CS

Krust, aka DJ Krust, aka an integral figure in the Bristol Reprazent collective, seems to have an hour and a half long mixtape available for purchase. Not a fan of tapes? That’s fine, there is only 100 of these to go around anyway… bedouin.bigcartel.com.

Krust - The Pleiadian Adventure


Boris with Merzbow – Sun Baked Snow Cave 2xLP

The King of aural shrapnel is joined by the International Hearing Society’s most wanted offenders for an hour plus collaboration that couldn’t not happen. Of course, Sun Baked Snow Cave is nothing new for followers of either Merzbow or Boris (it came out in 2005); but what is new is a lovely 2xLP vinyl edition from the venerable Hydra Head label. Available on black, white or blue vinyl over at hydrahead.merchtable.com. Bring your own ear plugs.

Boris with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave 2xLP


Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita LP

There is a new Deerhoof record. If you like birthday parties and distortion and cake and blown out drums and bunnies and stickers and breakfast, then ‘La Isla Bonita’ is most likely the thing for you. Available for pre-order on Yellow (Early Bird Edition, limited to 500) and Gray vinyl (as well as cassette if that’s your thing) over at Polyvinyl

kayo dot


Gabriel Saloman – Movement Building Vol.1LP

‘Movement Building Vol. 1’ finds Gabriel Saloman (who, just in case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, was half of the Yellow Swans duo) at what is possibly his most serene. At other times, it finds him waiting for you in an alley—and it is this dichotomy that makes this record flow the way it does with cinematic intrigue. Composed for Daisy Karen Thompson’s ‘Re-Marks on Source Material’, these two sides of spectral drones and solo drum passages linger long after the final curtain.

Pre-Order from Shelter Press (EU) and Forced Exposure (US)




Sepultura – Schizophrenia LP Reissue

It looks like Metal Blade is stepping up it’s vinyl reissues. No complaints; a quality stateside pressing of Sepultura’s second album has been painfully missing from many a newly converted vinyl collector’s shelf o’ thrash. You can pick it up right now from 20buckspinshop.com or Metal Blade’s online shop at indiemerch.com. Limited to 1500 copies on 180 gram blue vinyl.

Sepultura - Schizophrenia LP


Fabio Frizzi – A Cat In The Brain LP

Mondo is back at it with a superb edition of Fabio Frizzi’s score for Lucio Fulci’s worst movie: A Cat In The Brain. Did I say worst movie? I meant best movie. I mean, I honestly don’t even know. This movie is absolutely insane in the best way possible but is also simultaneously one of the most excruciatingly painful viewings that I have ever sat through. Pick it up at mondotees.com.

Fabio Frizzi - A Cat In The Brain LP

Fabio Frizzi - A Cat In The Brain

Fabio Frizzi - A Cat In The Brain


Christopher Willits – Opening LP

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Electronic composer/guitarist Christopher Willits basically sweats positivity and empowerment. Every time you turn around, there he is making something awesome or teaching people new skills or providing someone with a new vision. His music reflects this energy, and never more succinctly than with ‘Opening’, his new record on Ghostly International. With this release, he has completely wrung out his imagination into one bucket, which contains audio and visual components that will excite pretty much every sense you have.

‘Opening’ is available on clear (limited to 300) and standard black vinyl. Head over to Ghostly to peruse all the sweet options available. Then, maybe go outside and sit in the sun and rest easy for a while?




Charlatan – Local Agent

Charlatan (aka Brad Rose) is back from the future. His new slab ‘Local Agent’ on Umor Rex is a mind bending trip across the PCB traces inside the machine you are using to read this. The electricity is almost palpable as fuzzed out beats rise from the depths, while the crackle and chirp of voltage controlled sonic passages hover and swirl above like a heat storm. This is the soundtrack to The Lawnmower Man that should have been.

Like every Umor Rex release, the packaging is top notch. Its limited to only 300 copies on transparent yellow vinyl, includes a digital download AND WHAT’S MORE while supplies last all mailorder customers receive a bonus cassette entitled ‘Dead Drop’ which features 8 extra tracks (and is not available for sale separately).

Head over to Umor Rex or Thrill Jockey before the future becomes the past. End of line.



Aphex Twin – Syro 3xLP

Just like that, 13 years later, a new Aphex Twin album is on the horizon. A 3xLP, no less. No doubt you’ve heard all about it already so just be aware that Syro can be pre-ordered from bleep.com or experimedia.net.

Aphex Twin - Syro 2xLP