Billy Gomberg – Slight At That Contact LP

One great thing about Gomberg’s work, is his use of the room. Every surface in said room, whether small and wooden, or large and cavernous, they all seem to be alive, pulsing and critical to the sound’s over all success—and Slight At That Contact is certainly that. Two sides of churning synths and crackling, skittering computer work provide excellent room enhancement for any metaphysicist, burgeoning or established.

Pick this gem up direct from Students of Decay and get it in your ear holes as soon as it arrives.


Deathspell Omega – The Synarchy of Molten Bones LP

Winter is on its way. The harbinger of this message is the new Deathspell Omega record The Synarchy of Molten Bones which pierces the gray clouds of mediocrity as a whirling mass of blastbeats, icy angular guitars and trademark esotericism. Kind of a no-brainer, really.

Pre-orders now up direct from the force itself.


Tape Tuesday: Cody Yantis – Cadence Annals

Multi-instrumentalist Cody Yantis has a new imprint of his very own and he’s hit the ground running with Cadence Annals, also his very own. Presented here are sections and pieces of his artistic life molded into a collection of works that spans synth to sax, oscillator to overflow. The result is a sparse and calculated sound of the highest order. To listen to just a piece at a time doesn’t really do it justice, you need to sit down with the whole program. Move around the house. View things from different angles. Commit to clicking Purchase.

Available from Reno Park Press in an edition of 50. Keep an eye out for things in the works from Yantis & Co.


Kindling – Everywhere Else LP

It’s no secret. We like Kindling. Stephen Pierce, Gretchen Williams & Co. rip through twelve tracks of thick, low end pop-gaze on ‘Everywhere Else’ that is sure to satiate your need for viscous sounds. Like a well crafted New England style IPA, this bad boy is right up in your grill with notes of stonefruit and tube amps. Incredibly smooth on the palette and lingers long after needle tracks into the dead wax. Should probably crack open a second one, yeah?

ISO? Available from No Idea (on fancy blue), or from the band (black AND on cassette, for all your tapeheads out there)


Thor & Friends – Self Titled LP

Remember that time you saw Swans and there was that one burly dude playing all kinds of auxiliary instruments while Gira was on his spirit quest? Well, said dude was Thor Harris, and he’s teamed up with Peggy Ghorbani and Sarah Gautier (as well as Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost of A Hawk & A Hacksaw AND John Dieterich of Deerhoof) for a solo jaunt which is a little bit of a departure from the pummeling dished out by his other band. Here we are presented with some tidal marimba explorations (with some vibraphone, xylophone, organ, voice, mellotron and piano thrown in for good measure.) Some contemplative sounds just in time for the changing of the leaves.

There is a full stream here and the wax is available direct from LM Dupli-cation.

 photo thor_zpsgig1zgtf.jpg


Tape Tuesday: Michael Flora – Xi

Minneapolis-based artist Michael Flora (of Nada label fame) has a new tape out on the relatively new Sympathy Limited label. Both of which are something you are going to want to check out if avant garde music is your cup ‘o tea. ‘Xi’ is nine movements of fractured tone bursts and granular synthesis ranging from almost imperceptible to grinding. If one were to amplify the bio-metrics of a small plant in the middle of photosynthesis, this could be the result. Highly recommended.

In addition to the tape, the label is offering fancy lapel pins with matching artwork. A nice touch if we do say so ourselves. Fall is here more or less, and you know you got empty lapels. Show some solidarity, computer punks!


Tape Tuesday: Predatory Light – s/t CS

The Psychic Violence webstore has been updated with a huge batch of tapes, most notably the new album from black metal luminaries Predatory Light… and you better snatch those two demo represses as well, because we know you slept on ’em the first go round:


Vemod – Venter På Stormene LP

You never stood a chance snatching the colored vinyl version of this brand new pressing of Venter På Stormene, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up the black vinyl version from Terratur Possessions’ new US retailer: the ever reliable Dark Descent Records. Go on.


Autechre – Incunabula 2xLP, Amber 2xLP & Tri Repetae 2xLP

At last, Warp has reached all the way back to the beginning of the Autechre catalog to offer up some much needed represses. Incunabula, Amber and Tri Repetae are now available for pre-order from Expect these to show up in all of your favorite stores as well.


FIS – From Patterns to Details LP

The fact that we cannot track down any samples or previews doesn’t have us any less excited for the new album from FIS, coming out this week. His previous effort was one of our favorites from last year and the move to the Subtext label is a promising one. Pick this up from or

Updated: This is streaming over at!

FIS - From Patterns to Details