Cursive “The Ugly Organ” LP (Translucent Green Vinyl Repress)

If you would have looked for Cursive’s “The Ugly Organ” on green vinyl last week, you would have had to pay $30+ for a copy on eBay.  However, the fine folks at Saddle Creek just released a brand new repress.   This slab of powerful, midwestern, cello-accented indie rock comes on a 180g translucent green LP.  […]

Loney Dear “Dear John” LP

Just as he’s about to launch a tour with Andrew Bird, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen aka Loney Dear just released a brand new LP, his first for the Polyvinyl label.  “Dear John” moves into more experimental territory, as you’ll hear in the sample below, but still captures the quieter, folkier side of Svanängen as well.  […]

Irepress – Sol Eye Sea I Preorder

Last week, Translation Loss posted the preorder for the new LP from proggy metalists Irepress. If you heard their last album, you might have noticed that it was completely instrumental and completely awesome. You can listen to their new song “Cyette Phiur” featuring *gasp* vocals, on their myspace. Interesting. Several different preorder packages featuring various […]

Minsk – Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive 2xLP

Okay, old news. But this album came out in 2005 and didn’t get a proper vinyl release until late last year. The artwork has been updated for this double LP, it comes housed in a gatefold jacket, and I must say it looks to be pretty damn impressive. $20 for this raging slab of psychedelic […]

Zomby EP hits stateside

Since Mitch Natty went ahead and played the dubstep card, we might as well mention that this synthy slice of wax from Zomby (not to be confused with Zombi) has shown up stateside. Seven songs on two 12″s. Yes, that means you will have to get up and flip the record 3 times to listen […]

New EP’s by Squarepusher and Hudson Mohawke

If you’re at all a fan of dubstep, hip-hop, or electronic music, this post is for you.  Granted, that scene can be pretty hard to keep up with, but these are two particularly special releases.  Both Squarepusher’s “Numbers Lucent” EP and Hudson Mohawke’s new “Polyfolk Dance” EP will drop in the next couple of days […]

Yeasayer “All Hour Cymbals” LP

Looks like Yeasayer’s “All Hour Cymbals” is finally going to see a proper vinyl release.  If you haven’t checked out this album, do it, it’s crazy.  Hard to describe really, but there are elements of psych, middle-eastern flavors, indie rock, and more, all mashed together beautifully.  Preorder for $16 at

Watchmen 12″ Picture Disc

I can’t vouch for the music on this thing (in fact, I’d bet it’s pretty bad), but this is one fine looking piece of vinyl.  Side A features My Chemical Romance’s rendition of “Desolation Row”, while the B-side sports Tyler Bates’ “Prison Fight”.  So again, probably not the best music you’ve ever heard, but this […]

P.O.S. “Never Better” 2xLP Preorder

Rhymesayers Entertainment’s punk/hip-hop crossover star-in-the-making P.O.S. has a brand new album dropping soon.  Even though the CD packaging is completely awesome, who really wants to buy a CD, right?  The double LP version will be pressed on clear vinyl and comes with a download card.  It ships the week of January 26th.  Preorder for $15 […]

Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid LP + CD Preorder

The exquisitely bearded Dan Auerbach, better known as the vocal half of electric blues super-duo The Black Keys, will be releasing his debut solo album on Nonesuch Recordings come February 10th. For $16 you get the LP and a CD, it doesn’t get much better. Preorder and listen to three full tracks at