Prefuse 73 “Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian” LP

Guillermo Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73 is about as seasoned as they come.  He has been cranking out downtempo/hip-hop/idm records for quite awhile now, and his newest, “Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian”, just got released on vinyl.  Longtime fans should be into this, even if it is a bit more frenetic than his usual stuff […]

Vampire Hands “Two EPs” LP

Minneapolis rock band Vampire Hands are pretty awesome, even though you may have never heard of them before.  They just released this new “Two EP’s” record which, you guessed it, collects two EP’s in one package.  From what I can tell, this is a very limited release that was intended to be an exclusive on […]

Isis – Wavering Radiant LP News

How about some ISIS vinyl news? Always a welcome announcement, Isis will be releasing a new album this spring, and it promises to absolutely kill. It looks like Conspiracy Records in Belgium will be the first to release the vinyl edition, coming out April 21st, two weeks before the CD version is even released. Conspiracy […]

Lotus Plaza – Floodlight Collective LP

Well Kranky just keeps releasing high-quality albums, and we just keep talking about them. Third up this year from my new favorite label is a side project from Deerhunter guitarist/songwriter Lockett Pundt called Lotus Plaza. The debut album is called “Floodlight Collective” and if you like Deerhunter or Atlas Sound then you are going to […]

Iron and Wine – “Around the Well” 3xLP Pre-order

This is great news. On May 19th, Sub Pop and Iron & Wine will be releasing “Around the Well”, a triple LP chock full of out-of-print and never-before-released cuts. Vinyl Collective has been nice enough to go ahead and offer you the chance to pre-order this destined to be amazing collection, so you can sleep […]

Matador Vinyl Reissues

OMG Vinyl is back in action after an extended holiday down South for the SXSW Music Festival. We managed to spend hundreds of dollars on records this past weekend, and we want ya’ll to follow suit. Here’s a good place to start… about a week ago, one of our favorite labels, Matador Records, posted a […]

Fever Ray LP Preorder

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, there just hasn’t been alot of exciting stuff coming out.  However, it looks like you can now preorder the amazing new album by Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer Andersson, one half of electronic weirdos The Knife).  The official release date is April 7, but you can preorder this […]

Church of Misery – “Houses of the Unholy” Die-Hard 2xLP Pre-order

Heavy metal and serial killers. Chances are if you like one, then you have at least a passing interest in the other. Which brings us to Church of Misery, a Japanese metal band that writes songs about, you guessed it, serial killers. The newest LP from Church of Misery is due out on April 20th […]

Múm – “Finally We Are No One” LP Pre-order

Another Direct Metal Master reissue from Fatcat. This classic album has been out of print and hard to get ahold of for quite some time now. The pre-order has this listed as an LP, but here’s hoping it’ll be another double 10″. I guess we will see. In any case, you can pre-order now from […]

Clark – Growl’s Garden 12″ Pre-order

Looks like a new EP is forthcoming from IDM techno hero Clark (also known as Chris Clark). Those that were turned off by Turning Dragon likely won’t find much to soothe them here. The clips available at Boomkat suggest this is more club-friendly, gritty electro. In other words: awesome. See for yourself and pre-order at […]