Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds “Dracula Boots” LP

This album has already been out for about a month, but it is definitely worth mentioning.  “Dracula Boots” is the newest LP by Kid Congo, ex-guitarist for The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and the Gun Club.  This record is wayyy out there, exploring primitive garage, Chicano rock, psychedelia, and other shit that […]

The Phenomenal Handclap Band “Baby” 7″

Not many bands are being hyped up as much among the whole blog/hipster crowd as The Phenomenal Handclap Band.  Their first single, “Baby” is a straight slice of soul genius.  Their other tunes (from what I’ve seen in live videos) can get kind of spacey, but this one is 100% perfect.  If you don’t believe […]

Towers “Full Circle” LP Preorder

Even though I went to Init Fest this year, I missed this band’s performance, but I heard they blew the roof off the place.  Init Records has a preorder up for “Full Circle”, the new LP by Philadelphia hardcore band Towers.  Just so you know what you’re getting into, this is loud, chaotic stuff, definitely […]

Wilco and Neko Case LP Preorders at Vinyl Collective

Vinyl Collective just added a number of exciting releases to their site.  First up, they’ve added preorders for three classic Wilco albums (Summerteeth, Being There, and A.M.), each pressed on 180 gram vinyl and packaged with a CD.  They are priced from $19.99-$24.49 each.  Secondly, they are taking orders for Neko Case’s beautiful new album […]

Bardo Pond – “Peri” 180g RTI LP+CD

A little late on this one. Apologies to all of our readers who like to spin repetitive psych/drone rock ***crickets chirping*** Anyway, Three Lobed Recordings has put out this LP of unreleased cuts from Bardo Pond on 180g RTI-pressed vinyl as a sister album to last year’s Batholith LP. The vinyl version is a limited […]

“Local Customs: Downriver Revival” 2LP + DVD

There’s a new release from Numero Group out, ALWAYS good news.  This new compilation brings together tunes recorded between 1967-1981 in Ecorse, MI.  Three labels there were chronicling the local music scene, and this collection does an amazing job of covering the area’s history.  You’ll find funk, soul, gospel, and even some garage here.  The […]

Insound 7″ Reissue Series

Insound has been cooking up a campaign to reissue some classic 7″ releases, and their first two just dropped.  They chose The Ramones’ “California Sun” and The Replacements’ (with Tom Waitts) “I’ll Be You”.  The Ramones release has been out of print for 30 years, while the Replacements record has been out of print for […]

Murder by Death / Amanda Palmer 7″ Preorder

The third release in the Murder by Death split 7″ series is now up for preorder, this time with Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.  They pull the classic “cover eachother’s songs” routine with MBD taking on Amanda’s “Another Year” and Ms. Palmer playing MBD’s “Three Men Hangin”.  It is limited to 1000 copies.  Preorder […]

Pixies – “Minotaur” Box Set Details Announced

Its a good thing they made an announcement for this pre-order two months in advance since you might have to save a few paychecks to pay for this $450 BOX SET. While it does sound pretty cool, does that really justify that kind of price-tag? For the hardcore Pixies fans out there (I used to […]

Acid Mothers Temple – “Glorify Astrological Martyrdom” TOUR ONLY LP

What did I tell you about this band? They just won’t stop releasing records. This week brings us the tour only version of one of their more recent albums: Glorify Astrological Martyrdom. It comes on 5 different colors: hot pink, silver, gold, white and black. All but the black are limited to 100 and all […]