Mount Kimbie – Sketch On Glass – 12″

It’s no secret that we here at OMGV are slaves to the rave. The only thing I love more than throwing on a hot new tune is throwing on a hot new tune while someone blows Vicks® Vapo-Rub® in my eyes and massages my temples with Tiger Balm. I don’t post about these dubstep EPs […]

Zomby – One Foot Ahead Of The Other – 2×12″ EP

This week also comes with a new release from 8-bit overlord Zomby. More mad tunes spread across 4 sides of wax, more lazer-wielding mayhem from this fast rising dubstep superstar. It’s disappeared out of the Boomkat crates already but can currently be found at and Bleep bloop. [Audio clip: view full post to […]

BJ Nilsen – The Short Night – LP

We don’t see a lot of vinyl coming from the Touch label, but when it does it’s always quality. The newest pressing is a vinyl version of the 2007 album The Short Night from Swedish sound artist BJ Nilsen. The art from for the LP has been updated from the CD version, so don’t blame […]

Sic Alps – A Long Way Around To A Shortcut – 2xLP Preorder

It looks like Drag City has got one more ace up its sleeve for August 18th. Also announced recently is the pre-order for this 2xLP collection from Sic Alps. It’s called A Long Way Around To A Shortcut and its a collection of a lot of obscure and probably out of print releases. Apparently it’s […]

Christina Carter – Lace Heart – 2xLP

Root Strata have pressed this long gone limited CD-R from Christina Carter onto 500 slabs of beautiful, red marbled vinyl (well, 1000 slabs technically, since its a 2xLP). 3 sides of music with an etching on the D side, this is a pretty nice looking package. Not sure when Root Strata plans on posting their […]

Sunny Day Real Estate – “Diary” and “LP2” – LP Preorders

Insound has gone ahead and posted pre-orders for these two crucial reissues from the Sub Pop label. Its also been announced that both Diary and LP2 will be remastered and released with two bonus tracks apiece. Additionally, Diary is going to be released as a 2xLP. If all this talk of remastering and bonus tracks […]

Six Organs of Admittance – Luminous Night – LP Preorder

Been sitting around for like a week now, waiting for some exciting vinyl news to roll around and lift up my spirits. I couldn’t have asked for much better than a pre-order for the new Six Organs of Admittance LP, coming out August 18th on the Drag City Catalog. The new album finds Ben Chasny […]

Black Tusk / Fight Amp – Split 7″

I know this is a music blog technically, but sometimes I’m just more into the art. That being said, I am sure some of you out there will enjoy these crusty swamp tunes. And no doubt some of you out there will enjoy the artwork by John Dyer Baizley on this split seven inch from […]

Lightning Dust – “Infinite Light” LP Preorder

Jagjaguwar just launched the preorder for the new album by Lightning Dust.  You may not recognize this band by name, but it is actually Amber Weber and Joshua Wells, both of Black Mountain.  “Infinite Light” is a beautiful album, definitely a lot quieter and more subdued than any of Black Mountain’s material.  Of the band’s […]

Yo La Tengo – Buy Early Get Now LP Preorder

Matador Records today announced the Buy Early Get Now promotion for the new album from indie stalwarts Yo La Tengo. As you may or may not know, Buy Early Get Now means you get all types of extra cool shit with your pre-order, instead of just a deficit in your ledger with nothing to show […]