Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls “s/t” 2xLP Preorder

Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls is a meeting of the minds between Money Mark, Shawn Lee and Tommy Guerrero. If you are familiar with any of those artists, then you should know what to expect here – heady beats paired with sun-dappled melodies. The LP is being released on Ubiquity on September 8th and […]

Willie Isz “Georgiavania” LP Preorder

Here’s some Monday morning weirdness for you. Willie Isz is bizarre, synth-heavy hip(ster) hop with a decidedly southern flair. In my opinion, this definitely trumps recent electro-rap fusion attempts from the likes of Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Plus its got Tunde Adebimpe (from TV on the Radio) on backing vocals so you know this […]

Tyondai Braxton “Central Market” LP Preorder

Battles. There I said it. Now here’s a question for Tyondai Braxton: If you wanted to become recognized as a “solo” artist so bad, how come you released that song Atlas with your band Battles? That certainly is a long, deep, dark shadow to try to crawl out from underneath. That’s not to say this […]

9dw “S/T” 2xLP Preorder

Since Spencer went ahead and introduced you to the world of 9dw (see below), I thought I’d go ahead and inform you folks about their new full-length album.  This one is strictly for the weirdos, Japanese electro-fusion, think you can handle it?  I’m sure you can.  Anyway, this is a 180 gram 2xLP on clear […]

Wooden Shjips ‘Contact’ 12″ EP

It’s safe to say these Wooden Shjips fellows know how to handle this whole “psych” thing. Contrary to popular opinion, “psych” is not just a convenient tag for music made by people on drugs. It might also refer to music enjoyed by people on drugs! Just kidding ya’ll, but seriously… this new 12″ EP (i.e. […]

Transitional “Stomach of the Sun” 2xLP Preorder

I’ll admit – I’ve never heard of Transitional. That being said, I’m really glad Conspiracy is streaming this entire album because otherwise I doubt I would have ever heard it. If you like heavy beyond belief fuzzed out guitars and bands like Nadja and Jesu, you should probably check this out. Speaking of Jesu, I […]

Boris / 9dw “Golden Dance Classics” Split LP

Well as far as I can tell, Allthatisheavy is the first US distro to offer this one up on vinyl. Unless you missed the headline and first sentence of this post, the key phrase here is “Boris vinyl“. It’s for sale. You know how that goes, either you want it real bad or you turned […]

Nadja & Black Boned Angel “s/t” LP

This amazing collaboration between two left-field metal artists is finally seeing the light of day on vinyl thanks to the 20BuckSpin label. This album definitely gets the OMGV Seal Of Approval and in a year where quality metal releases seem to be sagging a bit lately, this should help bolster the quality of your recent […]

Alva Noto “Xerrox Vol. 2” 2xLP

I think I first realized I needed an ambient intervention about 3 months ago, as I was scouring the record bins for anything I could find with Brian Eno’s name on it. I recognized I had a problem, and made a stern resolve to do something about it. You know its going to take quite […]

Inifinite Body “CMBCMEINAPTD” Limited LP

And just like that I’m balls deep in the ambience again. Kyle Parker apparently used to put out some harsh noise under a different guise, but the Infinite Body project finds him a tad less aggressive, crafting ambient passages with more soothing atmospherics. This is available already at several distros but if you can’t track […]