Vivian Girls “Everything Goes Wrong” LP

I’m sure just about everyone already knows about this record, but I love In The Red, so I thought I’d mention it anyway.  The second album from Brooklyn darlings Vivian Girls picks up pretty much where the first one left off, no better, no worse.  If you like the noisy harmonies this band has already […]

Thom Yorke “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” 12″

Yeah, we’re a bit late on this, but we never claimed to be perfect.  While you wait for a new Radiohead album, you can tide yourself with this new 12″ by Thom Yorke.  The A-side is basically a Radiohead tune, as it features help from Nigel Godrich and Johnny Greenwood.  The B-side is a bit […]

Seasons (pre-din) “Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea” LP

The awkwardly named Seasons (pre-din) has just got a new release out on the Type label, which some folks will know is synonymous with quality. Your Eyes The Stars and Your Hands The Sea stands up just fine with the best of the recent Type releases. Nothing to fret about, just get to clicking because […]

Khate “Pareidolia” LP

Another new release from another fine ambient label. Won’t pretend like I have any idea who Khate is, but considering this label has published releases by the likes of Xela, Svarte Greiner and Jasper TX it’s safe to say that there is likely some drone and/or ambient noise involved. Probably some awesomeness involved, too. And […]

Leyland Kirby “When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die” 2xLP

Sounds like Leyland Kirby, aka The Caretaker, has been feeling a bit glum lately. Maybe been listening to too much death ambient? I’m not even going to quote any of the press releases on this one, because it’s Friday night and I don’t want to ruin it for anybody who might be having a good […]

Harvey Milk – Live at Supersonic – Clear Vinyl LP

Here’s some more info on that Harvey Milk live LP we posted about a week or so ago. The label releasing it, Capsule, has now posted pre-orders for their webshop exclusive version on clear vinyl. I’d still like to know what the recording quality is like on this one, but seeing as how it’s limited […]

Why? “Eskimo Snow” LP

Our favorite white indie rapper turned psych-folk aficionado has a new album out!  Why?’s “Eskimo Snow” was actually recorded at the same time as his last effort (Alopecia), so you can pretty much expect a great, great album.  Like I hinted at before, this record shows pretty much no traces of frontman Yoni Wolf’s rapping […]

Kurt Vile “Childish Prodigy” LP Preorder

After tearing it up with some of our favorite labels for awhile, Kurt Vile is ready to make his Matador debut.  “Childish Prodigy” is more polished and “rock” than some of his other work, but it’s very enjoyable.  He gets all kinds of crazy comparisons to people like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, but he […]

New Mudhoney Reissues at Sub Pop

Looks like Sub Pop has dug through the back catalog and decided to reissue a bunch of classic Mudhoney LPs.  “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”, “Mudhoney”, and “Superfuzz Bigmuff” are all available for preorder on vinyl.  They were all remastered from the original tapes, and it’s the first time they’ve been available on vinyl for […]

Numero Group Presents “Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes” 2xLP

This is something a little bit different from Numero Group’s usually soul or funk focused work.  “Lonesome Heroes”, the new entry in the Wayfaring Strangers series, is dedicated to solo folk artists from the 70′s and early 80′s.  As with all Numero releases, you can expect the highest quality with the curating, packaging, sound quality, […]