Radian “Chimeric” LP

I know it seems like we practically run a Thrill Jockey blog, but few labels are putting out stuff that is anywhere near as inventive and consistent.  Their newest release is the first album from Radian in four years.  “Chimeric” is a dark, brooding, sometimes harsh and chaotic record.  Normally you could put this band […]

Them Crooked Vultures “S/T” 2xLP Preorder

If you don’t know who Them Crooked Vultures are, here’s all you need to know:  Dave Grohl plays drums, Josh Homme plays guitar and sings, and John Paul Jones plays bass and keyboards.  In other words, rock bands don’t get much bigger than this.  Their debut, self-titled album is just around the corner.  The vinyl […]

Felix “You Are The One I Pick” LP

I admittedly know nothing of this band, but I rarely pass up the opportunity to purchase a new title from Mr. Kranky. Felix are a boy/girl (man/woman?) duo from the UK who dabble in “minimalist chamber pop”. My interest is piqued. Gatefold jacket limited to 1000? I’m sold. Have a listen and then head over […]

Robedoor “Pagan Drugs” 7″

If you were interested in the Robedoor LP on Not Not Fun we posted about recently, you would probably be interested in this seven-inch as well. It was recorded by the same lineup at the same studio for similar results. One dollar per inch from the ketchupcavern.com.

Saviours “Accelerated Living” 2xLP

It’s easy to get bogged down searching out the hottest and most obscure black art-metal trends. Sometimes we forget what this whole thing is really all about. Riffs. Saviours seem to have mined plenty for their newest album, fueled on by a discriminating diet of fine ganja and cheap whiskey. This isn’t about standing around […]

2562 – “Unbalance” 3xLP

Moving into the tail-end of ’09, it looks like this might just end up being the year of the dubstep full-length. With the genre itself beginning to seep into and absorb sounds and moods from neighboring styles and no longer confined to 45rpm 12″s, a lot of the more progressive artists are producing whole albums […]

Javelin “S/T” 12″ Preorder

NYC crate-diggers Javelin have their first 12″ coming out on Thrill Jockey.  If you somehow haven’t heard this duo, they play sample-heavy music that is way too hard to put a label on.  I’ve heard people say they remind them of Quiet Village, which isn’t a great comparison, but it will do.  Anyway, this 12″ […]

Simon Scott “Navigare” LP

Apparently this Simon Scott fellow used to be the drummer for this band called Slowdive. You would have never guessed it listening to the blissful, droney dirges on his solo LP, but I swear: it’s true. I read it on the internet. This album comes to us courtesy of the fine folks at Miasmah, who […]

Black to Comm “Alphabet 1968” LP

Oh, great. Another “death ambient” release. Right? Well, that was kind of my thought when I saw this go up at Boomkat. Then I listened to the samples… then I watched some YouTube video featuring footage culled from Night of the Lepus (wow, really? why did I know that?)… and now I’m a believer. I’ll […]

US Christmas “Eat the Low Dogs” 2xLP

I know some of you guys need something heavy to blow out that last Neon Indian post, so here it is.  Neurot band US Christmas have a new record out, and it’s good.  “Eat The Low Dogs” is a bluesy, sludgey, stoney piece of psychedelic rock that should please any respectable OMGVinyl reader.  These are […]