Jacuzzi Boys “No Seasons” LP

This has been around for a couple of weeks or so, but damn, it’s good.  After dropping some amazing 7″s here and there, Florida trio Jacuzzi Boys finally have an album out.  They play blown-out summertime psych, just glorious shit.  If you like The Black Lips, King Khan, etc, you’ll love this album, it’s easily […]

Young Widows “Settle Down City” LP Reissue

After being out of print for over two years, Young Widows’ debut “Settle Down City” LP has officially been reissued.  The new edition was produced on various mixed colored vinyl, and only costs $12.  Loud, abrasive, and delicious.  Visit Shirtkiller.com. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Dam-Funk “Toeachizown” 5xLP Preorder

Alright, this thing is finally about to drop.  Dam-Funk’s California g-funk masterpiece “Toeachizown” is now up for preorder on vinyl.  It is packaged as a massive 5xLP set, each with it’s own picture sleeve.  This is some damn good modern funk people, expect nothing less from Stones Throw.  At $50, it’s also a great deal.  […]

Earth / Sir Richard Bishop “The Peacock Angel’s Lament / Narasimha” 12″

I’m not really sure what the official news is on this one. I do know that this amazing 12″ collaboration was originally a tour-only release and has become one highly sought after piece of wax. Whether this is a repress or just some random leftover copies remains to be seen. I did not care to […]

Zelienople “Give It Up” LP

Chicago three-piece Zelienople is back with a new album for the venerable Type imprint. This band seems to hit all the right buttons with me – it’s hazy, ambient, droney and psychedelic rock music. Basically really amazing stuff, I suggest you listen below then point your browser at boomkat.com to order a copy. Copies should […]

Anduin “Abandoned in Sleep” LP

New album on SMTG Limited from label owner Jonathan Lee aka Anduin. Abandoned in Sleep collects live and recorded material from the past few years and features collaborations and samples from such like-minded artists as Jasper TX, Svarte Greiner and Xela, among others. The LP comes with a CD version of the album featuring extended […]

Electroluminescent “Measures” LP

This album should fit in quite nicely next to your old Tangerine Dream LPs and any other late 70’s synth cosmiche. Melodic drones and tones, sometimes tethered to earth with a repetitive and blown out drum beat, sometimes floating weightlessly through the cosmos in an elliptical, rainbow-tinted orbit. 500 copies on red/white swirl available from […]

Dragon Turtle “Almanac” LP

Holy SHIT this record is good.  This showed up on my doorstep, and I had never even heard of the band before, but it is easily in the same league as anything we’ve talked about or sought out ourselves this year.  Dragon Turtle’s “Almanac” is a huge, beautiful, expansive piece of psychedelic folk music.  Let […]

Julianna Barwick “Florine” EP

Thanks to a great reader for the heads up on this record.  Julianna Barwick actually financed the vinyl pressing of her “Florine” EP by promoting it as a Kickstarter project.  This stuff is beautiful, hypnotic music driven by looped ethereal vocal drones.  Basically, if you like Grouper (and if you read this blog, you do), […]

Real Estate “S/T” LP and “Reality” EP

It’s not often that a brand new band storms the scene with two new releases at once, but that is exactly what Real Estate are doing.  This New Jersey trio most notably includes Matthew Mondanile of Ducktails and Predator Vision fame.  In fact, his music is a good place to start for reference, as Real […]