Salem “Frost / Legend” 7″

Remember when we posted about that awesome Atlas Sound 2×7″ awhile back?  Well, the same label has now released an equally awesome new Salem 7″.  Both tunes here are huge pieces of electronic pop music, and the vinyl sounds superb, especially for a 7″.  The label describes them hilariously as the “unstoppable goth juke outfit”, […]

Oxford Collapse / Joggers Split 7″

Insound is exclusively carrying this new split 7″ by Oxford Collapse and Joggers.  I got a copy of this, and I have to say, it might be the thickest, heaviest 7″ in my entire collection, seriously high-quality stuff here.  This is limited to only 500 copies, and it comes with MP3′s.  Oh yeah, and it’s […]

The Brown Book “Thirty Nothing” LP

I got this mysterious record in the mail, and to my surprise, it was pretty damn good.  The Brown Book play sometimes heavy, often fast instrumental rock music.  I wouldn’t call it metal, as it doesn’t cover the ground of bands like Pelican or Russian Circles, but it is definitely on the heavier end of […]

Kraftwerk Remastered LPs

If you read this blog regularly at all, you probably will not find it hard to believe that at least one of us is a pretty huge fan of Kraftwerk. “Electronic music pioneers” hardly begins to explain the influence and reach that these Germans had on modern music. It so happens that 2009 marks the […]

Greg Haines & Wouter Van Veldhoven “Three Days of Fever” LP

This album has been out for awhile now, but I’ve only discovered it just recently. Seeing as how there are still copies floating around, it’s definitely worth writing up for some of you ambient heads to check up on. Three Days of Fever is an apt title for this collection of improvised recordings from Greg […]

Black to Comm “Wave UFO” 2×7″

Last time we wrote about Black to Comm, he had just released a new album on Type Records. Following closely behind is this double 7″ from his very own Dekorder label in Germany. This one comes packaged with a huge foldout collage poster and is very limited at only 200 pressed. Currently available for around […]

Paul White “Sounds from the Skylight” 12″ Preorder

There are a select few cats in the UK who seem to be doing an admirable job keeping pace with the current LA beat scene explosion. At the top of the list would probably be the One Handed Music crew with Bullion and Paul White churning out high quality beats at an alarming rate. The […]

Baroness “Blue Record” 3xLP Limited Edition Preorder

Well, we updated the previous post about the 2xLP edition of the new album from Baroness – but this really deserves it’s own post. Apologies to anyone who ordered already, but Relapse just posted the preorder for the 3xLP version of Blue Record. 3-panel gatefold jacket, 180 gram colored vinyl (A/B on opaque orange, C/D […]

Baroness “Blue Record” 2xLP Pre-order

Finally. Blue, green or 180 gram black vinyl. 1000 of each color available. Up now at $22. UPDATE: Links are now working, and in case you missed the post above, 3xLP version now available. Get to clicking.

Final + Fear Falls Burning “s/t” LP Preorder

A drone pairing that will certainly sound as good on vinyl as it looks on paper. Justin Broadrick and Fear Falls Burning are two artists with long-standing stakes in the experimental music scene; leave it up to a label like Conspiracy to get them together on the same album. Preorders have just been opened, and […]