Circa Survive “The Inuit Sessions” EP

Circa Survive have capped off their vinyl discography with the scarce 2005 EP, “The Inuit Sessions”.  Pressed to vinyl for the first time, Inuit features four songs, two of which later showed up on “Juturna”, two of which are otherwise unreleased.  Like we’ve said before, we love Circa Survive, so it’s awesome to see all […]

Torch Runner “Locust Swarm” 10″

Communitas Records is a brand new label from one of the dudes behind Southern Empire, and their first release is going to shred your face off.  Torch Runner’s “Locust Swarm” alternates between breakneck hardcore and crushing, sludgy breakdown riffs.  If you’re into heavy music at all, you’re going to find something to like here.  Definitely […]

Forensics “You Don’t Have To Win, But You Have To Fight” 10″

Magic Bullet Records’ own Forensics have a new four-song 10″ EP out, their first recordings on anything but a 7″ in over five years.  There’s a lot to like about “You Don’t Have To Win, But You Have To Fight”.  First of all, the artwork by Daniel Danger is stunning.  The record was pressed on […]

MAP “Fever Dream” 2xLP

Look, here’s the deal with the minimal, experimental, improvisational stuff we post here sometimes:  you’re either weird enough to like it, like us, or you fucking hate it.  For those of us on the good side, TAIGA (the label behind the beautiful vinyl release of Lotus Eaters) has an awesome new release out from MAP.  […]

John Edwards and Chris Corsano “Tsktsking” LP

This hot piece of wax hit the doorstep the other day, and I’ve been trying to digest it ever since.  Double-bassist John Edwards and drummer Chris Corsano make a pretty impressive duo, each at the very top of their respective “game”.  The music is a melting pot of chaos, white-hot temperatures, and room-filling tension.  The […]

Osborne “The Ghostly Remixes” 12″ EP

I heard you guys like Bullion. And you may have heard that we like Ghostly International, the super swanky boutique label with one of the best logos ever created. And I’ve never heard of Osborne, but he doesn’t make a peep on this limited edition 12″ EP, except to offer his tracks up for the […]

Indignant Senility “Plays Wagner – Part One” LP

Well it’s probably about time we told you about the newest release from Type. It actually sold out at Boomkat while we were busy blogging about Hot Chip records, but you can still pick it up at a few places in America. Plays Wagner Part One is one of two records coming this year from […]

Hot Guts “s/t” 7″

Me and Mitch used to spend many hours every week scouring the internet for new vinyl. Now we spend many hours every week scouring the internet for new vinyl and a few more hours posting about it here. Tonight’s search ended at the Still Single blog for me, reading the praises of Hot Guts. I […]

Hot Chip “One Life Stand” Deluxe 2xLP

This might officially be the most overpriced, unnecessary deluxe-edition I’ve ever seen, but I wanted to post it for your consideration anyway.  Hot Chip’s new record “One Life Stand” got the deluxe treatment courtesy of The Vinyl Factory.  It includes two 200 gram LPs, gatefold packaging, and an art print of the cover image for […]

Deerhoof Custom Made 2 x 7″

ATP Records has a new, expensive little package out from Deerhoof.  Part of their “Custom Made” series, this new gatefold 2 x 7″ features eight songs (some of them exclusive), has an edition of 1,000, and is $20.  If you’re a mega-fan, you can get the ultra-limited screenprinted edition of 100, signed by artist Matt […]