Yeasayer “Odd Blood” LP

Hmmm, what to say about this album? I haven’t really bothered to try to wrap my over-sized melon around it, so I don’t know that I could help you wrap yours. If you liked their last album, then you would probably like this one. Or possibly not? Hope that helps. In any case, you can […]

Mako Sica “Dual Horizon” 12″ EP

Here’s another insane record from La Societe Expeditionnaire, the label behind the mind-blowing Dragon Turtle album.  I’m really starting to trust their curatorial abilities, so it’s no surprise that Mako Sica’s “Dual Horizon” is a sweeping psychedelic masterpiece.  The Chicago trio (featuring two ex-members of Rope) play loose psych with an improvisational feel and a […]

Madlib Medicine Show #1 2xLP

Stones Throw is back with another hot vinyl injection.  Madlib’s “Madlib Medicine Show #1″ is the first in a series of monthly mixtapes by Mr. Lib himself.  This one features a lot of tunes with Guilty Simpson, and is a prelude to their “OJ Simpson” collaboration.  The vinyl comes as a 2xLP with screenprinted covers.  […]

Infinite Body “Carve Out the Face of My God” LP

New release out on Post Present Medium, this one from Kyle Parker aka Infinite Body. As we’ve mentioned before, this young man is responsible for his fair share of face shredding noise, but as Infinite Body he tends to focus on a warmer and more enveloping world of sound, though that certainly won’t eliminate the […]

City Center “Cops Don’t Care b/w Heat Isn’t the Word” 7″

City Center has a new single out on M’Lady’s Records and according to them it is “the LOUDEST, most rhapsodic, and best City Center single yet!” Well okay! You’ll have to shell out $6.50 to see if they are telling the truth or not but if the last album on Type is any indication, I’d […]

Mastodon “Remission” LP Preorder

Regardless of how you may feel about their newer material, it’s hard to deny that Mastodon have released a few hard-hitting and uncompromisingly heavy masterpieces in their day. If you’re a vinyl collector and a fan of the band, you know this repress of Remission is going to disappear pretty quickly, possibly even before the […]

Pantha Du Prince “Black Noise” LP

Speaking of Pantha Du Prince, dude also has a new album coming out which, let’s face it, is probably going to far outshine Pawel’s. No disrespect to Pawel, just sayin’. Either way, you should probably buy them both – there really aren’t too many amazing blissed-out deep techno albums coming out these days. Oh yeah, […]

Steve Von Till “A Grave is a Grim Horse” LP

The “graveyard folk” genre isn’t exactly one bursting at the seams with new releases, but even if it were, this album would still remain firmly at the head of its class. Steve Von Till’s particular brand hits all the right marks with me, maybe that’s just because I love Neurosis (platonically, ya’ll) or maybe that’s […]

Pawel “s/t” 2xLP

Paul Kominek, founder of the Dial label in Germany, finally drops his debut album as Pawel. This is the same label that brought us the last album from Pantha Du Prince, and this self-titled 2xLP from Pawel explores a similar aesthetic. Totally minimal and totally deep-house influenced techno meanderings. I mentioned Pantha Du Prince because […]

New LPs on Digitalis – “Roll The Dice” and Higuma “Den Of Spirits”

I should start this off by saying that these are both super limited, so if the phrase “New LPs on Digitalis” sets your heart skipping, scroll directly to the links below. Otherwise, keep reading (or don’t, just means more LPs for the rest of us). Roll The Dice is something I knew absolutely nothing about, […]