Black Sabbath – “s/t” and “Master of Reality” Reissues

There is no denying the dark majesty of these early Black Sabbath albums – if you don’t like them then you don’t like Metal and it’s gonna be tough for us to become friends. I’m not sure if these new Warner Brothers reissues will feature the remastered audio found on the recent deluxe CD reissues, […]

Beach House “S/T” LP Reissue

Following their enormous recent success, Heart Break Beat Records has reissued the debut self-titled album by Beach House.  It was originally VERY limited (like, 500), and goes for big bank on eBay, so this is definitely a welcomed repress.  This record finds the duo at their dreamiest, popiest, and most original.  The new vinyl pressing […]

Tranqill “The Hidden Treasures” 12″ EP

Thanks to OMG superfan Dangerous Dave for pointing this one out to us. We aren’t going to start posting every underground rap 12″ that pops up or anything, but this one caught my eye thanks to a well-placed Paul White remix. The rest of it’s not too shabby either, here’s what the label has to […]

Zu “The Way of the Animal Powers” LP

Man, I loved this band’s last album – Carboniferous. But I can’t front and pretend like I had heard about Zu before that. Too bad, because these guys have apparently been splitting skulls with buzz-sawed sax skronks and richter scale riffs for several years now. Public Guilt is giving 2005’s The Way of the Animal […]

Loscil “Endless Falls” 2xLP

The first vinyl release from Kranky for 2010 is a celebration in and of itself, we love this label. However, this release is doubly exciting since it is nothing less than the new album from underwater ambient maestro Loscil. What else? Oh, it’s also the very first Loscil album ever available on the vinyl format […]

Darin Grey & Loren Connors “The Lost Mariner” LP + 7″

Here’s a welcome vinyl issue of this slow-burning improv session between guitarist Darin Grey and bassist Loren Connors. First appearing on CD over 10 years ago, this is definitely one of those timeless recordings – difficult to date, easy to appreciate. Check the MP3 for some smoldering, bluesy psych. The LP version also happens to […]

“Brazilian Guitar, Fuzz Bananas” 2xLP

Damn, just when I was congratulating myself for chilling out on the funk reissues, this absolute must-buy record dropped.  Check out this description from the site:  “Following the success of Psych Funk 101, Egon presents Joel Stones’ Brazilian Guitar, Fuzz Bananas. If Psych Funk 101 was the freshman seminar in global-psychedelic grooves, then this album […]

New Shearwater, Ted Leo, and Harlem Records from Matador

I know Spencer wrote about the Pavement records yesterday, but Matador just dropped a load of other good stuff too.  First up is the new album from Okkervil River offshoot, Shearwater.  “The Golden Archipelago” is another beautiful, operatic piece of indie rock.  If you’re into this sort of thing, it will sweep you off your […]

Murder by Death “Good Morning, Magpie” LP Preorder

This one kind of came out of nowhere for me, but I’m always excited to hear a new Murder by Death album.  If you haven’t heard their brand of punk-flavored Americana yet, check the tune below, you just might get hooked.  “Good Morning, Magpie” is available in two editions:  Simple (200 gram orange LP, edition […]

“This Is Not A Mixtape” Article from Pitchfork

In a timely, coincidental turn of events, Pitchfork wrote a huge article about cassette tapes yesterday (the same day we asked you guys about tapes).  It sheds a bit of light on the resurgence, and is an excellent read.  Check it out at