Pavement Low Cost LP Preorders

Those of you with an aversion to boutique vinyl will be happy to hear this – assuming you like Pavement, that is. Matador is reissuing pretty much the entire Pavement catalog on super inexpensive 120 gram black vinyl. We are talking pretty cheap here, most records are $10 with the exception of Wowee Zowee (which […]

East of the Wall / Year of No Light / Rosetta “Split” 2xLP

Denovali Records and Vega Vinyl have teamed up to offer this new three-way split from three crushing bands (well, I guess only two of them would really be considered “crushing”).  East of the Wall, Year of No Light, and Rosetta have each contributed songs to this 2xLP, most of which is some heavy, heavy metal.  […]

Are You Interested In Tapes?

Here at OMGVinyl, we’ve got a relatively new unhealthy obsession. As if buying vinyl (one of the least convenient things on Earth to store/move) wasn’t bad enough, we are now buying cassette tapes again. So we were wondering, are you at all interested in hearing about the occasional must-have psych/drone/ambient tape release? Keep in mind […]

The White Stripes “Under The Great White Northern Lights” 2xLP Preorder

Remember the giant White Stripes box set that we wrote about earlier?  Well, now you can get just the 2xLP as a standalone product.  “Under The Great White Northern Lights” collects 16 live songs from various 2007 Canadian performances.  The package has some awesome design by Rob Jones (the LP artwork is a bit different […]

Soft Speaker – “Conditions” EP

Just got this record in the mail from Chicago rock band Soft Speaker.  For a straightforward rock album, this one actually has a lot of different things going on.  Sometimes it reminds me of big indie bands like The National or The Editors, while other times it veers into the slowed-down, country-tinged territory of Wilco […]

City Center “Spring St” 12″

Quite Scientific Records have released a new 12″ 4-song EP from City Center. One side has grooves, the other side has a screenprint. I wouldn’t play that side if I were you, but I’m also not your mother – so you can do what you want with the things you buy. Before you do that […]

Wooden Shjips “Vol. 2″ LP Preorder

San Francisco’s very own fuzzmonger extraordinaires Wooden Shjips (pronounced schyips?) have got a new collection of hard-to-find rarities coming out on the vinyl format next month. Vol. 2 follows up the previously released Vol.1 and collects singles from Mexican Summer and Sub Pop, among other psychedelic trinkets and treasures. Poised for a March 30th release […]

Banned Books “Mission Creep” LP

I like getting records from Stumparumper, it’s always stuff that sounds refreshing and new.  This one, “Mission Creep” by Banned Books, is some bonafide awesome, bombastic art-pop.  I saw some other reviewers that compared them to The Flaming Lips or Deerhoof, but I’ll have to say here that they genuinely sound like almost noone else […]

Dakota Suite “The Night Just Keeps Coming In” 2xLP + CD

I hate remix albums just as much as any other post-rave, acid-casualty burnout, but this album is infinitely more sublime than your average trance-rock refix. Dakota Suite offers up his compositions for dissection from several of the finest artists operating in the experimental music nexus, and the results are sounding pretty fantastic. Then again, it’s […]

Circa Survive “Blue Sky Noise” LP Preorder

It’s been almost three years since the last Circa Survive album, and thank goodness, the new one is almost here.  Judging from the first leaked tune, the band has somehow injected even more power into their sound, practically bursting at the seams.  “Blue Sky Noise” doesn’t come out till 4/20, but you can preorder now, […]