Thomas Köner “La Barca” 2xLP

Very limited pressing of this very sublime ambient album from Thomas Köner. On La Barca, Köner conjures forth incredible atmospheres from field recordings and ultra-minimal drones; “subtle” does not even begin to describe the aural movements on display here – not recommended for listening while running the air conditioning or dishwasher. Currently no purchasing options […]

One Master “Quiet Eye of Eternity” & Helm “To An End” LPs

Classic black metal utterances captured and pressed to vinyl for pure analog playback. Quiet Eye of Eternity is decidedly low-fidelity and captures all the subtle nuance of your favorite basement black metal recordings. Made in America, forged on Peasant Magik records. The only thing righteous about it is the price – $15 at [Audio […]

Cults “Go Outside” 7″

The people behind two of the best music blogs on the internet, Weekly Tape Deck and Gorilla Vs. Bear, have teamed up to start Forest Family Records.  Their first release is a new 7″ by one of the most blogged about bands of 2010 so far, Cults.  Listening to these tunes, it’s not hard to […]

Eternal Summers 10″ EP

One of the hot trends this year seems to be beautiful, sun-drenched summer pop music, which I’m totally fine with.  A band that perfectly encapsulates this sound is Virginia’s Eternal Summers.  Their “dream punk” (thanks blogosphere) songs sound especially great on a nice turntable.  The 10″ vinyl release was pressed at 45rpm, has an edition […]

15% Off Storewide at Insound

From now till April 5th, you can get 15% off absolutely anything at Insound.  Feel free to grab records we’ve talked about lately like Dum Dum Girls, Black Tambourine, or tons of other stuff.  Just use promo code “customerapp15“.  Visit

Souvenir’s Young America “The Name of the Snake” LP and Melt Banana “initial t.” 7″ Repress

My Sioux Falls neighbors at Init Records have served up a wonderful new dose of metallic post-rock for all of us to enjoy.  Souvenir’s Young America’s new album, “The Name Of The Snake” was pressed in an edition of 500 (200 on white vinyl, 300 on black vinyl).  The artwork was lovingly crafted by poster […]

Wilt “She Walks The Night” 7″

The fine folks at Husk Records were kind enough to send over this dark, dark, dark 7″ for us to listen to.  Wilt has been around for quite awhile, over 10 years according to the website.  This new 7″, titled “She Walks The Night”, is some of the blackest shit you’ll encounter for awhile.  The […]

Unnatural Helpers “Sunshine / Pretty Girls” 7″ and “Cracked Love & Other Drugs” LP

Sub Pop subsidiary label Hardly Art has a bunch of new music available from Seattle’s Unnatural Helpers.  On the heels of their “Cracked Love & Other Drugs” LP, they have released the lead single, “Sunshine / Pretty Girls” as a 7″.  I will say this right now, I don’t know what it is about Sub […]

Ken Camden “Lethargy & Repercussion” LP

Kranky doing what it does best… releasing amazing albums by artists I have honestly never heard of. All you really have to say is “electric guitar drones” to get my attention, but the fact that this is coming out on this label is a testament to it’s quality. Highly recommended even though I have not […]

“Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Vol. 1 and 2” 2xLPs

Seriously, try to keep up with these international funk and soul reissues, I dare you.  They will drain your bank account and your social life.  That being said, these two new compilations are a pretty stellar deal.  The “Si, Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba” series covers Cuban funk, soul, psych, and jazz.  […]