Ossining “I Will Be Missed” LP

Synths are the new guitars. For real this time. I know your dad tried telling you the same thing when he first made you listen to Deep Breakfast, but dudes like Brad Rose and Kevin Danchisko aren’t messing around anymore. No more white chiffon frocks and bad perms – just a couple of blown-out badasses […]

Heather Woods Broderick “From the Ground” LP

Ask McNail if you don’t believe me, but I will be the first one in line to rip on some twee, acoustic indie folk. Problem is, this isn’t that. And I’m not just saying that because this is out on one of my favorite labels. Heather Woods Broderick possesses something a good deal of these […]

The Hold Steady – “Heaven Is Whenever” LP (Limited Silkscreen Version)

Looks like Insound scored some copies of the limited Record Store Day version of The Hold Steady’s “Heaven Is Whenever”.  There are a lot of “pros” to this version.  It is out earlier than the regular edition, it has a screenprinted cover with alternate art (which I prefer quite a bit over the regular version), […]

Zombi – “Surface To Air” LP Reissue

Hypertension Records has repressed the 2006 Zombi album, “Surface To Air”.  If you know Zombi’s music at all, you know what you’re getting into here, straight up retro synth music, horror movie/giallo style.  A lot of folks are trying to play this music these days…Zombi still does it best.  It is available on clear (edition […]

Instra:Mental “Let’s Talk/Vicodin” 10″

Sleazy house maneuvers from Instra:Mental, releasing here on the Naked Lunch label – same fine folks who brought us that great 10″ from Scuba last year. The flipside is a little less sleazy, but no less deep. The usual top-shelf, subterranean vibrations from this dude, pick it up for more than you care to pay […]

Dadawah “Peace and Love” LP

Timely reissue of this classic joint from ’74. What the world needs now more than anything is more spiritual Rastafarian music, and you can thank the folks at Dug Out for pulling this record out of obscurity and into the light where it belongs. It’s hard to argue with the writeup from Honest Jon’s (they […]

Evan Caminiti “West Winds” LP Preorder

Our good friends at Three Lobed Recordings have posted a preorder for the new Evan Caminiti album, and we seriously could not be more excited to own this beast on vinyl.  For those not aware, Caminiti is one-half of the dark drone duo Barn Owl, one of our favorite bands in the world.  This newest […]

Madlib Medicine Show #5: The History of the Loop Digga 3xLP

Continuing their insane series of monthly Madlib Medicine Shows, Stones Throw went extra deluxe with the vinyl release of #5, The History of the Loop Digga.  This anthology collects Madlib’s beat tape material from 1990-2000.  It is presented as a 3xLP with a unique screenprinted jacket.  You can grab yourself three records of head-nod for […]

Zu “Carboniferous” LP

Behemoth rock tunes from the heart of Italy, complete with pulverizing riffs and dinosaur sax skronk. Zu really must be heard to be believed, and it is entirely possible that Carboniferous represents their finest hour to date. The stamp of approval comes in the form of guest spots from both Mike Patton and King Buzzo. […]

Aun / Habsyll “split” LP Pre-order

Another new vinyl outing from the Public Guilt label, this time sharing sides between Canada’s Aun and France’s Habsyll. Aun delivers an apocalyptic space-rock sermon on propulsive waves of metallic feedback before flipping to the b-side so Habsyll can pull your mind back down into the gutter and coat it in thick globs of slow-motion […]