The XX Tour 7″

Big thanks to reader Chris for the heads up on this (he actually runs an XX fan forum).  Previously only available on tour, you can now score this slab of vinyl by everyone’s favorite British slow-motion, soulful band of the moment, The XX, online.  Four new tunes, die-cut sleeve, limited edition, £5. Visit their store.

Prince Rama of Ayodhya “Architecture of Utopia” LP

Look, there’s crazy, blown-out weirdo psych music, then there’s REALLY crazy, blown-out weirdo psych music.  Prince Rama of Ayodhya’s new “Architecture of Utopia” LP on Animal Image Search falls into the latter category.  But don’t take it the wrong way, this is a good thing.  Playing what the label describes as “astral beach psych”, these […]

Pyramids “WVNDRKMMER” Collaborative 5 Tape Set

The premise behind this new Pyramids cassette release is actually pretty interesting.  They created a bunch of original “sound and music”, then sent it to an insane list of musicians to remix and re-interpret.  The result is the “WVNDRKMMER” tape set.  Featuring artists like Bones of Seabirds, Mammifer, This Will Destroy You, Burial Hex, and […]

Giveaway: Railcars “Cathedral With No Eyes” 12″

Awhile back, we wrote up a really awesome noise-pop 12″ by a band called Railcars.  Well, the fine folks at Stumparumper Records have decided to offer up a free copy of this record for a lucky reader.  To enter, just leave something in the comments.  Please only enter once, we will be checking.  If your […]

Rangda “False Flag” LP

Well I truly had no idea what this album was about, but I know that new wax on Drag City is nothing to turn your nose up at and since the label was kind enough to send us some mp3s, well, I gave it a listen. It becomes pretty apparent within the first 10 seconds […]

T++ “Wireless” 2×12″

The final word from Torsten Profrock producing as T++, and now leaving the highly respected moniker behind. A double pack of 12″ vinyl on the always reliable Honest Jon’s imprint out of England; four lengthy electronic tracks that defy sub-categorization. What we do know is that the breakbeats are “shot through with the contorted samples […]

Lazer Crystal “MCMLXXX” LP

For many of us, a new Thrill Jockey vinyl release means another essential lightening of the wallet, that’s just the way it is, they are a label you can often trust blindly without hearing a single sound sample.  Lazer Crystal’s “MCMLXXX” just continues that trend.  Look, if Thrill Jockey is gonna put out a scuzzy-ass […]

Dark Dark Dark – “Bright Bright Bright” 12″ EP

This lovely slab of vinyl showed up on my doorstep and has been getting some heavy rotation ever since.  Dark Dark Dark is a group of chamber-pop musicians from New Orleans, New York, and Minneapolis.  Their new EP, “Bright Bright Bright”, is lush, historical, dark, and beautiful.  At times they sound like a slower, folkier […]

Tideland “S/T” LP

Robotic Empire’s newest vinyl release is the debut album from Sterling, Virginia’s Tideland.  I don’t have this record yet, but I’ve listened to the band’s demo, and it’s easy to see what RE liked about them.  Mixing drool-worthy genres like grunge, shoegaze, and punk rock, everything I’ve heard has sounded pretty fucking great.  It was […]

Expo 70 “Tarot Reading/Solar Drifting” 7″

Kansas City’s own Expo 70 lets loose, low and slow on the 7″ vinyl format. If you can only handle your drone a few minutes at a time, this is for you. You can even play it at 33 or 45 rpm since it is a “variable speed” recording. This can be purchased for $7 […]