Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz 3xLP

The seventh entry in Madlib’s monthly Medicine Show series may just be the best looking one yet.  “High Jazz” collects three records full of brand-new, original Madlib jazz productions, including 30 minutes of music exclusive to the vinyl release.  It’s amazing how far he has come with his jazz tunes, the new ones sound superb.  […]

DJ Limbs “Mad Jazz Noodle b/w The Wimp” 7″

Chicagoan and friend-of-a-friend DJ Limbs sent over his new 7″ which turned out to be a hot little piece of vinyl.  “Mad Jazz Noodle” throws back to a bunch of stuff I used to listen to in the 90’s, effortlessly switching between familiar cues of old hip-hop, downtempo stuff like Thievery Corporation, and even some […]

Menomena “Mines” 2xLP

Hey, before anybody freaks out or anything, I would just like to start with the disclaimer that this is NOT a brand new announcement for the brand new Menomena album being put up for sale. Hell, it’s been up for sale for a while now. I’m just now getting around to writing about it. Worst. […]

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation “Succubus” 2xLP

We don’t give Denovali Records the coverage they deserve in these pages, they have an amazing roster of releases that we have barely touched upon. Hopefully some of you guys have checked out this great label before. If not, its a great time to start since they just released a very conspicuously missing vinyl edition […]

Of Montreal “False Priest” 2xLP

Who’s ready to give Kevin Barnes another chance? The last Of Montreal album wasn’t a big hit around these parts, but that just means that this one couldn’t possibly be any worse, right? All shit-talking aside, the new song doesn’t sound half bad and the entire album is being produced by Jon Brion. False Priest […]

Trentemøller “Into The Great Wide Yonder” 2xLP

An expansive new album from Danish artist Anders Trentemøller now available as a 2xLP edition. The songs on display here definitely show a true talent at work, its hard to believe that this was all recorded in his own house. The final mixes were all recorded onto analog tape, and these sounds really do shine […]

Forest Swords “Rattling Cage / Hjurt” 7″

There’s a brand new slab of wax from dub-drone master Forest Swords up for preorder.  If you’re not already listening to Mr. Swords religiously, get on it, it’s pretty amazing shit (check out the video below).  The new “Rattling Cage / Hjurt” two-song 7″ is limited to 300 copies and will cost you £5.   There’s […]

The Velvet Underground “The Quine Tapes” 6xLP Box Set

This Sundazed preorder has been floating around for a month or two already, but we haven’t covered it here, and we bet there are folks that want to know about it.  “The Quine Tapes” collects Robert Quine’s live recordings of The Velvet Underground from 1969.  They have been remastered, pressed to six virgin vinyl LPs, […]

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Mike Shiflet “070325 b/w 080409” Split LP

Here’s another one for the synthesizer fiends.  Fresh from the remarkably-cool Amethyst Sunset label, this split between Keith Fullerton Whitman and Mike Shiflet is probably best tried before buyed, so check out the samples first.  What sounds like mechanical noise or a swarm of bees to some people sounds like pure heaven to others, we’ll […]

Oneohtrix Point Never “Zones Without People” LP

Ever since I first came into contact with Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Rifts” compilation on CD, I’ve been trying to track down the vinyl records that the album collected, but not many were in print.  Luckily, Arbor has decided to reissue “Zones Without People” for everyone to enjoy.  Buy the album and learn why you’ve been […]