Four New Records from Olde English Spelling Bee

Scene frontrunners Olde English Spelling Bee have a whole new batch of records up for preorder.  Rather than go into a bunch of descriptions, I’ll just list off the names and prices and post a video or song from each release.  Autre Ne Veut’s “S/T” LP is $14, New Jersey garage dudes Big Troubles’ “Worry” […]

Nadja / Armchair Migraine Journey “Transmit Acoustique Abstraction One” LP

Beta-lactum Ring have a ton of new records coming, including this stunning split from Nadja and Armchair Migraine Journey.  Nadja’s side is some heavy doom-drone, as per usual, with AMG bringing a more experimental approach to the b-side.  This package is on 220 gram vinyl, comes in a book-bound sleeve, has an edition of 200, […]

Ducktails “Live On WFMU” LP

The fine folks at Inflated Records have released a vinyl version of Ducktails’ live performance on WFMU from late 2008.  Smooth summer vibes here, even when recorded in the dead of winter.  Grab the LP for $13.99 at

Suum Cuique “Midden” LP

I don’t know a whole lot about this album. Sometimes you just listen to some soundclips and read a description and know you have to have something. I invite you to do the same at If you, like myself, decide you must own a copy of this stellar analogue ambient album, you can get sorted […]

Superchunk “No Pocky For Kitty” & “On The Mouth” LP Reissues

Anybody who made it through the 90s listening to so-called “indie rock” should have at least a passing impression of this band. They were one of the best at what they do – catchy, poppy rock n’ roll with punk rock edge and ethics. I’ve already hunted down copies of Incidental Music and Foolish, so […]

Ilyas Ahmed “Between Two Skies / Towards The Night” 2xLP

The kind souls at Immune Recordings have dug up this beautiful double album by Ilyas Ahmed for re-release, the first time it’s ever been on vinyl.  “Between Two Skies / Towards The Night” was first released on CD-R in 2005, then again as a proper CD by Digitalis in 2007, and now in deluxe vinyl […]

Okkultokrati “No Light For Mass” LP

Raging metal from Oslo, now primed for distribution on American shores. Of course, this LP has been out for a little while at, not sure what took it so long to make it over here. Rough sailing I suppose. Those in need of a dose of evil can now fill their prescriptions at The […]

James Blackshaw “All Is Falling” LP

Mr. Blackshaw’s compositions have come along way since his bare and finger-picked guitar stylings on albums of yore. The new arrangements are fully fleshed out with a variety of instrumentation, and All Is Falling marks the first Blackshaw album featuring electric guitar. Say what?! Crazy, I know. The electric revolution can be bought on vinyl […]

Rustie “Sunburst” 12″ EP

Rustie on Warp. For anyone following the current beat culture, that should be enough to pique your interests. For anyone who doesn’t know what to expect, check the album sampler below. Absolutely flipped-out techno getting heavy play in all the unreachable underground levels of Super Mario World. Get a pre-order going at

Flying Lotus “Pattern+Grid World” 12″ EP

Warp rolls out a new track from Flying Lotus in anticipation of his new EP Pattern+Grid World. Guess what? It’s totally bananas and it’s $17 and limited to 2000 at Don’t let this one slip through your fingers.