Converge “You Fail Me” and “No Heroes” LP Reissues

One of the most crushing bands in the world just reissued two of their most crushing albums ever.  2004’s “You Fail Me” and 2006’s “No Heroes” are both available on vinyl again for the first time in over three years.  Only black vinyl is available, but they’re only $12 each.  Essential purchases if you don’t […]

Three New Releases from Taiga Records

Minneapolis’ Taiga Records releases some of the most abstract, challenging music you’ll hear anywhere.  Before we start, this stuff is all pretty bizarre, if you’re not a fan of experimentation, don’t even read any further.  Their first new release is Timeless Pulse’s “Trio”.  Focused around the accordion work of Pauline Oliveros, this usual quintet has […]

Two New EPs by Babe, Terror

Brazilian weirdo-popster Babe, Terror has a couple of impressive 12″ EPs about to drop, both featuring a serious lineup of remixers.  The “Summertime Our League” ep (limited to 500 copies on orange/green splatter vinyl) features remixes by Four Tet and Appleblim, while the “Havai” ep (limited to 500 copies on white/purple splatter vinyl) has mixes […]

Worriedaboutsatan “Arrivals” 2xLP & “Heart Monitor” LP

I always feel bad about not writing up every single release that this label puts out, because they obviously know what the fuck they are doing. The proof is in the pudding, and this delicious pudding happens to go by the name Arrivals, a much slept-on album from Worriedaboutsatan. It’s been floating around digitally for […]

Ned Oldham “Let’s Go Out Tonight” 7″

It’s weird to think about kinship being audible, but this Ned Oldham record undeniably sounds pretty close to his brother’s work (Will Oldham aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy).  If you like Will’s stuff (and you should), you’ll like this, enough said.  Plus, it’s on one of our favorite labels.  The three-song 7″ on blue vinyl has […]

Heavy Hawaii “HH” 12″ and Tape

Art Fag Recordings just launched this new ep from summer-baked pop band Heavy Hawaii.  They pretty much sound like the name implies, sun-drenched and relaxed.  The 12″ is $15 shipped, the tape is $8 shipped.  Visit Art Fag Recordings. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Clip courtesy of Altered Zones.

How To Dress Well “Love Remains” LP Preorder

If you’ve somehow avoided hearing the music of How To Dress Well, quit sleeping, check it out now.  The creative outlet for Tom Krell, HTDW delivers lo-fi, blown-the-fuck-out r&b jams for the future.  If you thought Brightblack Morning Light played damaged r&b, welcome to the tar pit, this makes them sound sparkling.  That said, it […]

Wolvserpent “Blood Seed” LP

Wolvserpent is a new name to the doom metal canon, but you may be familiar with them operating under the name Pussygutt. Not sure why the name change, but it certainly hasn’t changed the epic and emotional weight of the funeral dirge output from this Boise, Idaho duo. You can stream the new album in […]

Joshua Abrams “Natural Information” LP

A reader tipped us off to this new vinyl issue of Joshua Abrams’ “Natural Information”.  Abrams is a bassist, composer, and product of the experimental music scene in Chicago.  The passages here are heavy on percussion and improvisation, exploring the outer edges of jazz.  The LP is fairly pricey at $25, but the sounds are […]

Dwarr “Animals” LP

Drag City sure drags up some fantastic shit sometimes. The video below was shown me by the proprietor of Love Garden Records, and I must say I have been eagerly awaiting this reissue ever since. The video is off the chain, obviously, but the music truly is something special as well. The solo output of […]