Hooded Menace “Never Cross the Dead” Die-Hard 2xLP

The DIE-HARD version is available right now! Go! 2xLP pressed on gold-colored 180 gram vinyl, limited to 150 and cut at 45rpm. The high spec packaging is exclusive to this edition. Death, doom and analogue fidelity await thee! €22 + shipping to your place of residence (comes to be about $50 for North Americans… but […]

Stellar OM Source “Trilogy Select” LP

We’ll be writing a bit more about the new Olde English Spelling Bee preorders soon, but we wanted to let you know that they have the standard edition of Stellar OM Source’s “Trilogy Select” for sale, you might remember us posting about the tour edition awhile back.  Here’s an excerpt from our previous post: Olde […]

Seapony “Dreaming” 7″

The lazy-days beach-pop genre is a crowded one these days, with bands few-and-far-between like The Best Coast, Wavves, Beach Fossils, etc, setting themselves apart from the pack.  After hearing only their first two songs, I’m pretty sure that Seattle’s Seapony have what it takes to hang with any of the aforementioned.  The catchiness of both the […]

The Invisible Hand “S/T” LP

The Funny/Not Funny Records folks have been pretty excited about The Invisible Hand for awhile now, so I’m sure they’re about bursting out of their clothes in exuberance over their first full-length album.  Burning up Charlottesville for the past few years, The Invisible Hand play heavy punk-tinged-pop that is pretty much a straight callback to bands […]

Grandfather “Why I’d Try” LP

Funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign, Grandfather’s debut album is a raw, powerful piece of rock and roll.  It was recorded by Steve Albini on all analog equipment, giving the album a thick, physical sound that harkens back to Seattle-era grunge and early indie rock.  Hints of Nirvana and Soundgarden are there, but so is a […]

Shalloboi “All Hope Is Blind” LP

This record will not get your adrenaline pumping, nor will it help you clean the house.  It will, however, help you drift off to sleep, chill out after work, or stare at the walls endlessly.  “All Hope Is Blind” is a monolithic, slow-motion piece of music, casually drifting in and out of a dense fog […]

Bullion “You Drive Me To Plastic” 12″

Bullion returns, this time on the Young Turks label, delivering more cut-up psyched-out beat workouts. You Drive Me To Plastic is a single-side 12″ record with an etching on the b-side. Take a listen to the new single, now streaming at gorillavsbear.net. You can pre-order this one right now for £10, and if this is […]

Incantation “Onward To Golgotha” LP

Relapse has recently offered for pre-order this Decibel Hall of Fame Edition of Incantation’s classic Onward To Golgotha. Hall Of Fame Edition meaning it comes with a sticker and a patch, apparently. I’m opting for the 180 gram black myself, but this is also available on blood red vinyl, check the order page for collector’s […]

Tokimonsta “Midnight Menu” LP

More late-night vibes for all the red-eyed beat heads. Seems to be plenty of this type of stuff coming out of the L.A. scene recently and we are loving it. Not just L.A. obviously, this shit is spreading like a pandemic. Put this one up on your shelf next to Teebs, Lukid and, of course, […]

White Rainbow / Stag Hare “White Stag” 12″

Newage (rhymes with sewage) hippie techno? Kind of interesting to hear White Rainbow venture off into this sort of territory with Stag Hare, blurring the thin line between dosed out raver kids and blown out jam band devotees. Conflicted feelings? Join the club. Good thing you can preview the whole thing (which is actually quite […]