Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “Love Is A Stream” LP

Type delivers another stunner. Imagine that. Hard to go wrong with Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, he of Tarantel and psych voyagers The Alps, as well as a good handful of noisy cassette lullabies. Love Is A Stream brings it all together and onto your turntable platter for maximum audio intoxication. Pick it up at Order soon […]

Lukid “Chord” 3xLP

Lukid’s Foma album never got a proper release on vinyl, but this new 3xLP Chord presents three tracks from that excellent album, plus another eight songs to vibe out with. Seriously low and loosely slung audio beat excursions on display here, a guaranteed workout for your stereo hi-fi or headphones, cut deep into three vinyl discs. […]

Brian McBride “The Effective Disconnect” LP

Brian McBride, one-half of cinematic drone kingpins Stars of the Lid, presents a soundtrack tasked with conveying “the gloriousness of the bees, the endurance and hardships of traditional beekeepers, pesticides and the holistic nature of non-industrial agriculture”. A daunting task, no doubt; one which yields sublime results, of course. Those of you who get impatient […]

Avey Tare “Down There” LP

Apparently Animal Collective is so good that you can just divide them into halves and obtain two equally interesting sonic experiences. We’re probably all looking forward to the forthcoming album from Panda Bear; what caught me off guard is how good this new album from Avey Tare is – so good. Get it pre-ordered at

Imaginary Softwoods 2xLP Preorder

Oh, drone heads, here is some Thanksgiving drone news.  Digitalis is now taking preorders for the self-titled 2xLP by Imaginary Softwoods (aka John Elliott from Emeralds).  It was originally released as a triple cassette, then an ultra-limited CD-R, and now it will see release as an equally ultra-limited 2xLP (reportedly limited to only 150 copies).  […]

New Barn Owl and Koen Holtkamp Records on Thrill Jockey

Before we start in on the new batch, we just want to say that it’s really exciting and inspiring to see Thrill Jockey constantly releasing top-shelf experimental music.  They are a big label, they surely get offers to release albums that are much more mainstream and less financially risky, but they continue to focus on […]

Warpaint “The Fool” LP

Your favorite (and I mean my favorite) all-female peyote-rock ensemble follows through on the promise of their Exquisite Corpse EP by releasing their debut full length, brimming with intoxicating melodies and siren-like vocals. This stuff is the real deal, if you ask me – I cannot get enough. Have a gander yourself by streaming the […]

Locrian / Century Plants “Dissolvers” LP

Tape Drift steps confidently into the realm of vinyl with this righteous pairing from OMG-approved Locrian and comrades-in-arms Century Plants. This one promises to be a face-peeler; both of these noise merchants peddle a very singular brand of psychedelic-laced, blackened aural alchemy. You cannot possibly leave disappointed or disaffected. Listen to a sound sample at […]

“Inception” Soundtrack LP on Clear Vinyl

Easily one of the most powerful, memorable soundtracks in recent years (seriously, those giant swells about blew me out of my seat in the theater), Hans Zimmer’s “Inception” score is now available on clear vinyl.  Not sure how many were pressed, but you can grab it for $21.98 at

The Extra Lens “Undercard” LP

Merge Records just released “Undercard”, the first fully collaborative album from The Extra Lens (aka Franklin Bruno and The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle).  The songs here are quite beautiful, and to put it simply, if you like The Mountain Goats at all, you’ll like this too.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that Merge releases some of […]