20% Off at The Ghostly Store

The Ghostly Store has announced their 3rd annual Blue Monday sale, featuring 20% off the entire freaking store on orders of $50 or more. Need help getting that cart total up? How about new vinyl from Shigeto or Gold Panda, or take a look at these awesome slipmats. Either way, they have ample vinyl to […]

Electric Wizard “Black Masses” 2xLP Preorder

For all the fanatics preying for a new album from Electric Wizard, prepare to reap the rewards of thy faith. Black Masses is an astonishing effort from this classic group, delivering solidly on the promise of more drugged out riffs for you to imbibe. 20 Buck Spin has gone ahead and posted pre-orders for the […]

The Secret “Solve Et Coagula” LP

The Lord delivers analogue for the newest album from Italy’s The Secret; 35 minutes of doom-blasted, filth-encrusted grindcore that is certainly not for the faint-of-heart. Featuring typically stellar artwork from Jvstin Bartlett, this one is sure to please at only $12 for 180 grams of golden vinyl set aside especially for Southern Lord mailorder customers. […]

Ghost “Opus Eponymous” LP

It’s hard to know what to think about Ghost, their background is strange, to say the least.  They are kept a complete secret with anonymous members and painted faces/costumed bodies live (check their MySpace out).  The other weird thing is that they are being marketed as black metal, when in actuality, their music sounds like […]

A Bunch of Rare and Sold Out Records at Thrill Jockey

Getting into the holiday spirit, Thrill Jockey just posted some copies of numerous rare and sold out records.  Some of these are pretty scarce, so hurry over.  See the whole list at ThrillJockey.com.

Two Pieces of Vinyl on AMDISCS

AMDISCS, the in-house label of the mysterious and amazing All, Everyone, United, just put up their two first vinyl releases. The first is “Black Hole” from Young Adults, the second is the split 7″ from Teen Porn and Coma Cinema (wow, I bet two of those three bands are impossible to Google).  The Young Adults […]

Gala Drop “Overcoat Heat” EP and “S/T” LP Reissue

Gala Drop have really been making waves lately, even playing a big show on Governors Island with fellow Portugal resident, Panda Bear.  Their brand of tropical, dubbed-out psychedelia is downright inventive, putting them on a sure-fire path to bigger things.  Golf Channel Recordings just released their new ep, “Overcoat Heat” on vinyl.  It’s a laid-back, […]

The Kilmanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Blackfilm on Vinyl at Denovali Records

The two new releases on Denovali have a lot in common.  They’re both dark, jazzy trip-hop records.  They’re also both a couple of years old, but are seeing a vinyl release for the first time ever.  Blackfilm’s self-titled debut came out on cd from a Greek label of couple of years back and sold out […]

Blank Realm “Deja What?” LP

LP follow-up to these Brisbane basement dwellers Not Not Fun vinyl debut, sourced from a very limited and very gone CD-R. The NNF reference should let people know what to expect; basically means what awaits your ears is not worth trying to explain in writing. You can pick this up from the label that released […]

Wolvserpent “Aelter II: Follow You Beloved” Die Hard LP

Not a whole lot of info on this one, but it is limited to 85 pieces, so those who appreciate the emotive sounds of the duo previously known as Pussygutt, now known as Wolvserpent, will want to pounce. This LP edition of Aelter II: Follow You Beloved is hand numbered and hand screened and comes […]