Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Bryan Funck (Thou)

This wraps up our lists for the year, and we couldn’t ask for a better closer than Bryan Funck, frontman of the doom powerhouse Thou. Besides having a throat of fire, he’s also one of the most interesting, intelligent guys you’ll ever run into. Here are his favorite albums of 2010. 10.5 Caddywhompus – Remainder […]

Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Sarah Lipstate (Noveller)

We’ve been in Noveller-worship for the past year or so, so when Sarah sent over a list of her top ten albums from the past year, we couldn’t have been happier. “Here is a list of the music that shaped my 2010.  A lot of these releases are by people that I was lucky enough […]

Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Shawn Reed (Wet Hair, Night People)

Here in Iowa (one-half of OMGV is in IA), people that appreciate experimental music can be few-and-far-between, depending on the city. For that reason, we’ve got huge respect for Shawn Reed, the hardworking man from Wet Hair, Raccoo-oo-oon (now defunct), and the amazing Night People label. He sent one of the most interesting 2010 lists […]

Top Twelve Albums of 2010 by Erik Keldsen (Immune, Thrill Jockey)

As you know by now, we’re big fans of both the label Erik Keldsen works for (Thrill Jockey) and the one he runs (Immune), so we were very excited to see his list for 2010. “Here I present my dozen picks from 2010.  I have left off any releases I worked on at Thrill Jockey […]

Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Silent Land Time Machine

First of all, I had my “best of 2010” list written for about a week with Silent Land Time Machine’s album at #1, then I realized it came out in 2008. Jon sent us his favorite albums from the past year, enjoy. Kemialliset Ystävät – Ullakkopalo (Fonal) – When I bought KY’s self-titled album years […]

Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Clint Simonson (De Stijl Records)

Few tastemakers have as much credibility as Clint Simonson, the man behind Minneapolis’ De Stijl Records.  Here are his favorites from 2010. 1. The 3 new Sun Ra LPs on Norton are, in large part, spoken word, and reveal yet another fascinating angle to the Master. 2. Willie Lane “Known Quantity” LP This, and the […]

Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Scott Hedrick (Skeletonwitch)

Scott Hedrick, the guitar player from Skeletonwitch, stopped by to share his 2010 list. Awesome. Worship the witch! (In No Particular Order): Grinderman- “Grinderman 2” Ludicra- “The Tenant” Peter Gabriel- “Peter Gabriel” reissue (yes, all 3 of the self-titled albums) Enslaved- “Axioma Ethica Odini” Alcest- “Ecailles de Lune” Nachtmystium- “Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II” Solstafir- […]

Top Ten Albums of 2010 by Terence Hannum (Locrian)

We’ve had so many great lists today, I can’t say enough how honored we are.  Locrian’s Terence Hannum sent over his list of favorites. (In No Particular Order): Agalloch – marrow of the spirit Neil Young – le noise Salem – king night The National – high violet Swans – my father will guide me […]

Top Eleven Albums of 2010 by Doe Eyed

Doe Eyed aka Eric Nyffeler is an awesome young artist from Lincoln, NE.  He also plays in the band Masses.  He sent over his 2010 favorites. 1. Extra Life – Made Flesh Hands down the catchiest “avant garde” album I’ve ever heard. I usually describe this album as “gay Swans” but today I think I’ll […]

Top Ten Tapes of 2010 by Stunned Records

Stunned is arguably the best tape label on Earth, so it’s only appropriate that they limited their 2010 list to the cassette medium. STUNNED RECORDS’ TOP 10 CASSETTE TAPES OF 2010 10. Hammer of Hathor — Vroom-Psycho (Field Hymns) 9. Nathan McLaughlin — Echolocation #3 (Gift Tapes) 8. Jeremy Kelly — Facing Space (Tape Drift) […]