Tape “Revelationes” LP

Over the years, Swedish trio Tape have been one of the main reasons we’ve gotten so into ambient/experimental music. When Immune sent us their new album, we could not have been more excited. You’ll be glad to know that “Revelationes” is not only as good as everything they’ve done before, it also, in a lot […]

Johann Johannsson “Viroulegu Forsetar” 2xLP

Touch Records has once again given an absolute classic album from Johann Johannsson a proper vinyl release. Originally released in 2004 on CD, “Viroulegu Forsetar” is as good as the modern classical genre gets. This hour-long passage (broken into four sides) for eleven brass players, percussion, electronics, organs and piano is truly sublime, cursively blurring […]

His Clancyness “What Fury Can’t Say” 7″

We were super impressed with His Clancyness’ stunning tape on Mirror Universe awhile back, so we’ve since been trying to keep an eye on him. This is the bedroom pop project of Italy-by-way-of-Canada’s Jonathan Clancy. We love his new 7″ for the same reasons that we’ve loved everything he’s done, the guy just knows how […]

Windmills By The Ocean, Red Sparowes, and Isis – A Giant Update from Robotic Empire

This mid-day blast of new vinyl comes courtesy of our good friends at Robotic Empire. First up, “II” from Windmills by the Ocean (ex Isis, Red Sparowes, 27, etc) is a much more expansive, song-based effort than their first album. They’ve even brought vocals to their previously-instrumental jams, fleshing things out considerably. This one covers […]

High Wolf “A Guide To Healing” 7″

I love that Bathetic has gotten into vinyl, the grapevine tells me they’ve got some awesome records in the works. Their new 7″ from High Wolf is sounding great. This¬†mysterious¬†Frenchman will weave a fluid, intoxicating brand of world-psych through your headspace, give it a close listen. The 7″ has an edition of 300 and costs […]

Birds of Passage “Without The World” LP Preorder

Denovali Records is currently taking preorders for “Without The World”, the debut album from Birds of Passage, the musical project of New Zealand’s Alicia Merz. This is an album full of beautiful, emotional, experimental pop, something different for Denovali. The 180 gram LP has an edition of 300 in three different colors, comes in a […]

Adversarial “Prophetic Plain of Abyssal Revelation” LP Pre-order

Blackened metal of death sounds best on vinyl. We all know this. That’s why Dark Descent has taken the magnificent Thralls demo from Adversarial (previously available on tape) and had it remastered to be cut to vinyl. Four new songs are also making it onto this vile slab, rounding out what promises to be an […]

Weedeater “Jason… The Dragon” LP Preorder

Weedeater is back with a brand new album and one less toe. These boys peddle greasy, southern-fried sludge and if you haven’t picked any up yet you are missing out on some of the burliest, heaviest, Steve Albini-produced jams available on this side of the Appalachian Trail. The new album is out on Southern Lord, […]

Mandelbrot & Skyy “OD-Axis” LP

Today is apparently a great day for new age synth releases. Mandelbrot & Skyy are better known as Darren Ho from Driphouse/Racoo-oo-oon and Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell. Released by the kingmaking Digitalis label, “OD-Axis” is a deep excursion through lush, cloudlike synthesizer numbers, each carried along by steady, ever-so-gentle electronic percussion. This should be […]

Pulse Emitter “Spiritual Vistas” LP

Portland’s Daryl Groetsch has been quietly pumping out some of the world’s best ambient synthesizer music for years now, often on cassette or cd-r. He has a brand new album out on vinyl though, so it’s time for the tape-haters to take notice. These are beautiful, meditative tones, evoking the new-age worship that is sadly […]