Evan Caminiti “When California Falls Into The Sea” LP

Like I said, those Barn Owl guys, ultra-prolific. This new solo album from Evan Caminiti has been in the works for over a year, and it promises to be completely awe-inspiring. Because I haven’t heard this one yet, I’m gonna trust what the label says. They state that “When California Falls Into The Sea” finds […]

Juv “s/t” 2xLP

Juv, a Norwegian experimental duo (Are Mokkelbost and Maruis Von Der Fehr), actually recorded this set between 1996-1998, but you’d never know it isn’t brand new. Miasmah dug up the recordings and have now finally made them available to everyone. These are dark, metallic drone movements, instantly pleasing to fans of Sunn 0))), Expo 70, […]

Interview: Designer Michael Carney Talks About The Black Keys, The Grammys, and Being a Disco DJ

We’re super honored to present an interview with Michael Carney, the designer/art director behind The Black Keys (and brother of drummer Patrick Carney). He’s fresh off a Grammy win, his design for “Brothers” won Best Recording Package. We’re trying to make interviews a more regular thing here, but we can’t guarantee they’ll all be this […]

Higuma “Pacific Fog Dreams” LP

I’m very impressed, the guys in Barn Owl are among the most prolific musicians of anyone I can think of, but the quality of their output is always top-notch. Higuma consists of Lisa McGee and Barn Owl’s Evan Caminiti, and together they play dark, impossibly lush drone, it’s a thing of beauty. With every album, […]

Columboid “We Were One” LP

A new package from La Société Expéditionnaire always puts a huge smile on our faces, they’ve consistently been one our favorite labels to deal with. This new release from Columboid takes things in a different direction than the slow-burning psych the label is usually know for though, instead offering a dark, moody record that carefully […]

Barghest “s/t” C40

This band features “current and ex-members of Thou” and really what else would you need to know? Blackened, heavy, doom… all the usual descriptors apply and if you don’t buy tapes hopefully you have already stopped reading. Which would be too bad, since this particular tape just happens to shred. These young, hard-working underground bands […]

36 “Memories In Widescreen” 2xLP

I love stumbling across an album like this – something I have never heard before which just happens to be exactly what I need to hear at the moment I stumble across it. I hate to advocate picture discs on this site, but cannot deny that I’ve heard a few good ones recently (thanks, Experimedia) […]

Earth “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I” 2xLP

Its no secret that Earth is a much beloved band here at OMGV (and every other music blog worth a shit). Plenty of people have been slagging the new album as “The Bees Made Honey with cello” and if that sounds like a negative review to you then go get your head checked. Angels of […]

James Blake “s/t” 2xLP

I can’t imagine that you’ve somehow avoided reading or hearing about this record yet, it is absolutely everywhere. With his self-titled album, James Blake has neatly inserted the glitchy dubstep sound he’s known for into a set of achingly-sparse singer/songwriter ballads. Largely driven by a keyboard and Blake’s pitch-bent voice, this new direction should be […]

Swervedriver “Raise” & “Mezcal Head” LPs

Wow, getting excited about reissues like this makes me feel old. I can remember sneaking out to the treefort in 7th grade with a portable stereo to drink filched beer and listen to Raise. At the time, it was right up there with Loveless as some of the most consistently played music in my humble, […]