Sun Splitter / Bridesmaid Split 7″

You might remember Sun Splitter from their tape release on Locrian’s Land of Decay label. They’ve got a new split 7″ out with Columbus’ Bridesmaid, and it’s awesome. Sun Splitter’s side is another insane blend of almost every metal genre in a completely original way. This band has a fearless, exciting sound that is best […]

Barn Owl “Ancestral Star” LP Repress

Thrill Jockey just repressed one of the best albums of 2010, Barn Owl’s “Ancestral Star”. The first pressing disappeared quickly, the second pressing has an edition of 500. If you’ve never heard Barn Owl, search the site for our numerous entries about them. Housed in a gatefold and priced at only $13, visit [Audio […]

Pygmy Lush “Old Friends” LP

Pygmy Lush, fresh off some new tapes and a 7″, have a brand new full-length album up for sale. The great news is that you can stream the entire thing on Bandcamp, then decide on your vinyl package (prices range a bit, but are very low). “Old Friends” is a mix of cathartic, climactic rock […]

Young Widows “In and Out of Youth and Lightness” 2xLP

If you read the site, you’re probably well aware of Young Widows, we’ve covered them a million times. Their new album on Temporary Residence, “In and Out of Youth and Lightness”, is as well-written and mature as anything they’ve done before. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with it yet, but it might […]

Noveller “Desert Fires” LP

We have been crushin’ for quite some time on the guitar drones of Sarah Lipstate and waiting patiently for a vinyl release for last year’s long-player, the blissed and burned-out Desert Fires. This one is an essential purchase, and Weird Forest does not mess about with the quality of their pressings. Pure analog fidelity to […]

Evan Caminiti “Distant Lights” 7″

One of the first posts I ever published for this blog was for a 7″ series from Trensmat. Awesome to see these dudes are still kickin’ (and so are we!). You may have heard us mention Evan’s name a few times, maybe even his band Barn Owl. Both are spoken about with complete reverence around […]

Tearjerker “Strangers” Cassette on Sweat Lodge Guru

Our newest cassette on Sweat Lodge Guru is pretty different from what we normally do, so we decided to release it as a one-off, rather than putting it in the next batch. When we started the label, we never really set out to release any “rock”, but when we heard Tearjerker’s “Strangers”, and saw it […]

Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry “Vryashn” LP

Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry are a match made in Ohio heaven. They consistently crank out beautifully crafted, intricate drone masterpieces, all the while flying below the radar of most. Fortunately, their 2008 CD-R “Vryashn” has been given the deluxe vinyl treatment by Infraction, a move that will hopefully open more ears. The sounds here […]

True Widow “As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth” 2xLP

We’ve been meaning to write this one up ever since NPR posted their First Listen, but the news is just nonstop lately, we got behind. On “As High As The Highest Heavens…”, their second album, True Widow somehow manages to sound crushingly heavy and sugar-sweet simultaneously. Dubbed “stonegaze”, the band has cooked a proprietary blend […]

Three New Releases from Not Not Fun

Not Not Fun continues to lead the weirdo/experimental/retro/synth scene with innovative releases. They’ve got three new ones up for order. The first is Xander Harris’ “Urban Gothic”, an LP chock-full of, as Dylan Ettinger put it on Twitter, “Unsolved Mysteries synth vibes”. Secondly, they’ve got a new cassette by Sand Circles, titled “Midnight Crimes”. Again, […]