Nick Butcher “Free Jazz Bitmaps 2″ Lathe-Cut 7”

The second entry in Nick Butcher’s “Free Jazz Bitmaps” series just came out, and is already almost gone. To recap, instead of his usual minimal compositions, Butcher is exploring Chicago electronic music and free-jazz with this series. The lathe-cut 7″ is offered in a screenprinted jacket, has a tiny edition of 10, and costs $25. […]

Negative Plane “Stained Glass Revelations” 2xLP

The Ajna Offensive is almost ready to announce the vinyl edition of Negative Plane’s black metal masterpiece Stained Glass Revelations. It’s not up on their site just quite yet, sounds like it will not be ready to release until Walpurgisnacht (which is at the end of this month, according to Wikipedia). This is not your typical […]

Miasmal “s/t” LP

Swedish death metal straight from its country of origin – Sweden (um, yep). Miasmal’s hotly anticipated debut album is finally available on vinyl, thanks to Me Saco Un Ojo. This one truly rips, in the heaviest way possible, straight for the throat. By injecting some unholy d-beat fury into their traditional death metal assault, Miasmal […]

Vanhelgd “Church Of Death” LP

Another hugely anticipated release for the rabid, death-metal fiends out there. Vanhelgd return with their second putrescent slab, courtesy of Nuclear War Now Productions. If you, like me, completely missed out on the Praise The Serpent 12″, then having this LP arrive at your doorstep should offer sweet, unsanctified solace. A whole new album of […]

Black Tusk “Passage Through Purgatory” LP Pre-order

Swamp metal! Now that Black Tusk are officially signed to Relapse Records, the repressing of their back catalog falls into the hands of people who are actually capable of mailing out the records that you order from them. Any LP with Baizley artwork is worthy of your collection – lucky for you, this one also […]

Polymer Slug “Cloud Types” CS Preorder

Overland Shark just put up the preorder for a new tape by Chicago’s Polymer Slug (aka Adam Tramposh). We know we’ve been writing about tapes a lot in the past few weeks, but the music coming out on cassette has been really phenomenal lately, it can’t be ignored. Soothing one-take improvisational tones at their best. […]

Six New Releases from Sweat Lodge Guru

We’re proud to present six brand new cassette releases from our in-house label, Sweat Lodge Guru. As usual, we’re extremely excited about all of the music presented here, and extra care was put into the presentation. We can’t possibly thank everyone enough for their support, it’s truly humbling. Info is listed below, visit (SLG030) […]

Julian Lynch “Terra” LP

Last year, Julian Lynch surprised almost everyone with his “Mare” LP. It was a delicate, beautiful indie-pop masterpiece. After a switch from Olde English Spelling Bee to Underwater Peoples, Lynch has released his newest record, titled “Terra”. This one basically continues what Mare started, delivering thirty six minutes of hazy, gorgeous bedroom pop. Of the […]

MF DOOM “Operation Doomsday” Deluxe 4xLP Set

Stones Throw finally just put up the preorder for the deluxe 4xLP version of MF DOOM’s “Operation Doomsday”. It includes four records (42 tracks total including the remastered album, alternate versions, b-sides, instrumentals, etc), a lyric book, and a pack of collectible cards. The real news here is the remarkable packaging, weighing in at over […]

Gaman – A Ceremony For Japan 2xCS Benefit Compilation

Wow, these amazing cassette compilations for Japan are really piling up! This new one from Electric Temple features Animal Hospital, Zelienople, Lee Noble, Forma, and tons more. It’s a 2xCS, has an edition of 200, and costs $12 shipped. All proceeds will benefit Shelterbox. Visit Electric Temple.