Rale “Some Kissed Charms That Would Not Protect Them” LP

Seems like awhile since we heard anything from William Hutson aka Rale. He has pushed plenty of tapes out into the world, but for those of you who prefer a little bit of crackle with your analogue warmth, this is his second foray onto the vinyl soundstage. It’s a perfect medium for his singular brand […]

Two New Vinyl Releases from Dais Records

Dais Records sent us two of the craziest records we’ve ever received, reason enough to deserve coverage here. Beastianity’s “Root” is a reissue of the scarce Australian masterpiece from over a decade ago. An insane mixture of folk, drone, and screaming, this album is amazing. The LP is limited to 300 copies and costs $16. […]

Gemini Wolf “Infinite Sand Dunes” LP

We got this record in the mail the other day, and while it’s not something we’d normally seek out, we were impressed. Gemini Wolf is a duo from Philadelphia that specialize in synth-driven experimental pop music. “Infinite Sand Dunes” is their furthest-out recording yet. It’s split by sides into two different thematic styles, the a-side […]

Noveller “Glacial Glow” LP Pre-order

Seems like just a few weeks ago we were posting news on the pre-order for Noveller’s Desert Fires LP on Weird Forest, now they’ve gone and put up a pre-order for her next album Glacial Glow. No complaints here, she is far from wearing out her welcome on the vinyl format. Sarah Lipstate is an […]

New LPs On Woodsist – Woods, Matt ‘MV’ Valentine, Herbcraft

What is it about the summer heat and psychedelic guitars that go so well together? I am not going to think about it too hard, mind you. Nor will I argue, I just want to sit on the porch with this latest batch from Woodsist blasting on the hi-fi and concentrate on trying not to […]

Big Kitty “Waterfall Of Love” 7″

A few of my favorite artists and friends from Tennessee just started up a new label to showcase some of the region’s must-hear dudes. Their debut release comes from Chattanooga’s Big Kitty and if it’s any indication, Young Monster is going to be a label to watch. These guys play mystical, mythical folk somewhere between […]

Black Lips “Arabia Mountain” LP + 7″ Preorder

I’ve got no shame in saying Black Lips are one of my favorite bands in the world. I play the shit out of their records when they come out, seriously. Their newest, “Arabia Mountain”, finds them at their cleanest and catchiest, following the same trajectory that “Good Bad Not Evil” started (I personally feel “200 […]

Ash Borer “s/t” LP Pre-order

The problem with a group like Ash Borer is that they are making all the other metal I love and listen to sound a bit tame and stale in comparison. Their ferocity and passion is unmatched at this point in time. Seriously, nobody else is even coming close to the cathartic bombast of this band […]

New Cassettes from Drugg and bvdub on Sweat Lodge Guru

Just a quick heads up that we’ve added two new cassettes to the store at Sweat Lodge Guru. The first is a mind-bending pop album that we’ve been lusting over for the better part of the year, the other is the first ever cassette release from one of our all-time favorites, bvdub – and 100% […]

Vagon Brei “Destiny” LP

Further Records just started shipping this understated, masterful album from Spanish artist Vagon Brei. “Destiny”, a concept album about a doomed space mission, is a pretty good mix of dense, inventive drone and stripped-down techno. The four song preview below doesn’t quite capture the breadth of the record, so it’s best to seek it out […]