Dominik Eulberg “Diorama” 2xLP

It’s not often that a new house or techno album spurs us into action. Diorama has been getting a lot of love from the right places (Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, etc.) so we deemed it worth checking out, and indeed, this is some moving stuff. Definitely techno for the living room hi-fi, you don’t need a […]

Kreng “Grimoire” LP

Grimoire is the second album from Kreng and comes to us once again on the Miasmah label. Dark drones, melodies cloaked in shadows, sounds that creep and roll from the speakers like a dens and foreboding e fog – yes, some might say that it’s all a bit “hauntological”. Another class album from an inscrutable […]

Up-Tight “The Night Is Yours” LP

300 copies of deep Tokyo psychedelia are now available from the Sloow Tapes label. Soaring cosmic riffs allow your chakras to blossom fully while sludgy rhythms and lung-collapsing feedback keep you firmly tethered to the planet earth. Hopefully this will make it over to some domestic distros soon but if you need it now, sort […]

Elm “Nemcatacoa” LP from Sweat Lodge Guru

When we released our first vinyl record almost a year ago (Lawrence English’s “A Colour For Autumn”), we knew we’d have to find something pretty special to follow it up with. After a long, long wait, we think we’ve found it, Elm’s “Nemcatacoa”. Originally released on CD (and gone shortly after that), this record represents […]

Neustadt “Drohgebärden” LP

First of all, I have been putting this one off way too long, it sat in the promo pile for quite awhile and I gave it many healthy listens. Slowboy and Themes For Great Cities teamed up to release this absolute stunner from German synth-wave newcomers, Neustadt. If you’ve been scouring record stores for rare […]

Memory Tapes “Player Piano” LP

Davye Hawk releases his second album of hazy, upbeat melancholic hymns – electronic emotional dirges that reach for the stars. This will be a hard one not to fall in love with, the video and song below are pretty transcendent. At the very least, watch that. But you really should be ordering this right away […]

Tape Tuesday: Expo 70 “Radience” CS

Seems like we are posting about a new release from Justin Wright every week, this project is incredibly prolific lately. Mostly because he has taken it upon himself to repress his entire back catalogue via Sonic Meditations, which is awesome. But this time it’s just a great pairing between one of our favorite drone artists […]

Deathspell Omega “Diabolus Absconditus / Mass Grave Aesthetics” LP

Two epic songs collected from the Deathspell Omega back catalog and gathered together on two sides of our favored analog format. Side A was first featured on a Northern Heritage compilation, side B released as an EP. Together these two songs topple the 40 minute mark, and ensconce everything you have come to love about […]

Disma “The Manifestation” 7″ EP

These dudes have got a full-length forthcoming on Profound Lore. You know that it is going to destroy, but you also know it is going to be a little while until you see it on vinyl. In the meantime, placate your ears with this 7″ EP released on Necroharmonic, which is disappearing quite quickly. Only […]

Shub Niggurath “Horror Creatures” LP

Totally underground and morbid death metal from Mexico. Shub Niggurath enjoy a bit of a cult legacy in the modern day, thanks to the music they put down on tape over 20 years ago. The Horror Creatures LP collects the same demo and EPs as the CD version by the same name, but does away […]