OMGVinyl Guest Post at Altered Zones

The folks at Altered Zones were kind enough to ask us to do a guest post on their site today. Click through to read a little bit about one of our favorite bands, Ash Borer, and stream the 8-minute face-melter “Rest, You Are the Lightning” from their self-titled LP. Thanks, dudes! Altered Zones = essential […]

Locrian “Dort Ist Der Weg b/w Frozen In Ash” 7″

Locrian have a new 7″ single out for Flingco Sound System, and they have somehow pulled off the nearly impossible task of covering a Popol Vuh track. No small feat, and this is not simply an uninspired rehash – the Locrian boys infuse it with their own inimitable sound to create something wholly unique and […]

Radiohead “The King Of Limbs” 12″ Remix Series

In case you were not yet aware, Radiohead is rolling out a series of 12″ EPs featuring remixes off of The King of Limbs from all of their (or at least Thom Yorke’s) favorite producers. The series so far has produced fantastic 12’s featuring the likes of Caribou, Jacques Green, Harmonic 313, Mark Pritchard and […]

Matt Christensen “A Cradle In The Bowery” LP

Matt Christensen, guitarist and vocalist for Windy City minstrels Zelienople, is releasing his first solo LP for Under The Spire. A little bit folksy, a little bit psychedelic – just like the Matt you’ve come to know and love. Under The Spire is picking up momentum with their vinyl rollout so far, definitely a label […]

Brainoil “Death of this Dry Season” LP

Killer metal from this Oakland crew. It’s oppressive and suffocating but it doesn’t crawl much – there is plenty of chugging riffs and punk-rock rhythms swirling around in this bucket of sludge. It’s been 8 years since Brainoil released their first album, and 20 Buck Spin is doing the world a favor by giving their […]

Tape Tuesday: Odd Nosdam & Matthewdavid “Swedish Fish” CS

Late breaking news out of Los Angeles for Tape Tuesday: Matthewdavid has posted this limited cassette edition featuring split performances from both himself and Odd Nosdam. Ambient excursions for your bedroom tape deck, from one of the best labels around: Leaving Records. This will probably disappear soon, so please give a shit now instead of […]

Zomby “Dedication” 2xLP

Here is another album that we should have told you about, never did, and then you found out about on your own anyway (hopefully). But just in case you were dying to know (of course you were) whether Dedication wins the highly-coveted OMGV seal of approval, well, yes it does. This 2xLP sounds like a […]

Le Révélateur “Fictions” LP

Riding high off last year’s cassette edition for Root Strata, Le Révélateur drops a new(age) synth revelation for Steve Hauschildt’s Gneiss Things label. Cosmic tones to bless your dome, now available to order from or BLEU NUIT from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo.

Autopsy “Acts of the Unspeakable” LP

After pressing up the must-grip vinyl edition of Autopsy’s 2011 death metal masterwork Macabre Eternal, Peaceville have now given the much needed reissue treatment to the band’s controversial 3rd album Acts of the Unspeakable. Everything about this album is completely offensive, from the artwork to the lyrics. In other words: highly recommended. has got copies for […]

Noothgrush “Erode the Person” LP Pre-order

Highly essential sludge from this old school outfit. This is a vinyl pressing of the Erode the Person compilation, a compelling presentation of this group’s ferocious brand of viscous metal crawl. A hotly anticipated platter, and a no-brainer for your collection. Pre-ordering details are available right now from, hurry if you want to reserve some […]