At the Gates “Gardens of Grief” 12″ EP

Nuclear War Now Productions has got an exclusive transparent green colorway on this crucial vinyl pressing of the Gardens of Grief EP from At the Gates. Classic material from this Tomas Lindberg fronted juggernaut; cut at 45 rpm for maximum impact. Not exactly cheap at $25, but it is imported, and it is an absolutely […]

False “Untitled” LP

Wow, this is some roll Gilead Media has going in 2011. After pummeling the scene with their Ash Borer and Fell Voices records, they’re going to leave just as huge a mark with this new LP from Minneapolis’ False. Introduced to Gilead by the guys in Thou (this is actually a co-release with Bryan’s Howling […]

Washed Out “Within And Without” LP

I know, another record that you know allll about already and are wayyyy sick of hearing about it. I get it. But this is the jam of the summer. We were both in love with Washed Out’s “Life of Leisure” EP, so much so that we thought ole Ernest Greene would never come close to […]

The Boomkat Summer Sale

For a limited time, you can score some amazing deals as part of the Boomkat summer sale. Many, many goodies remain, check it out at

Five New Releases From Sweat Lodge Guru

We’re proud to present our newest batch of cassettes, the first since our in-house label turned one year old last month. These five tapes mark our most cohesive, consistent output yet, we couldn’t be prouder. The artwork is based on a series of photographs we took last winter in the Iowa countryside. The music is […]

Aquarelle “Sung In Broken Symmetry” LP

Deep drone and ambient washes of sound from this young musician, and another impressive edition from the Students of Decay label. Sung In Broken Symmetry is built primarily on acoustic and electric guitar, but the kind wrapped in so much analog distortion that it makes your head feel like it’s attached to your body with […]

Caboladies “Renewable Destination” LP

Students of Decay presents a new full length LP from Chris Bush and Eric Lanham aka electronic weirdo superduo Caboladies. This type of fried electronica was pretty much tailor made for playback on a turntable, preferably loud. The SoD pre-order is long sold out, but you can score a copy now from, and we recommend […]

Black Eagle Child “Pages On A Plane” LP

There is definitely not enough Black Eagle Child on vinyl, really hoping this situation continues to correct itself. After the critically lauded Lobelia scored him some major traction outside of the cassette culture underground, Michael Jantz along with Under The Spire Recordings presents Pages On A Plane, an analog album proper full of his looped guitars […]

Charlatan “Triangles” LP

Brad Rose is a busy man. Somewhere between running the Digitalis label and site, as well as maintaining a revolving cast of musical alter egos, he finds time to compose electronic vignettes as Charlatan. Like the label release says – these aren’t some zone-out drones, this is highly engaging music and carries plenty of emotional […]

Nekrasov / Ondo Split LP

Since it started, Sal Giorgi’s Peasant Magik label has been an amazing source for dark experimental music, often bringing attention to some of the scene’s most underrated acts. We were sad to hear that Sal will soon be closing up shop, his label will be greatly missed. It’s fitting that one of their last releases […]