New on Blackest Rainbow: Acid Birds & Isidore Ducasse LPs

We love new vinyl from Blackest Rainbow. The label is so damn prolific though, it’s hard to keep up with. We are just now writing up these brand new albums from Acid Birds and Isidore Ducasse, and already they’ve got a whole new batch of amazing shit up for pre-order. One thing at a time, […]

Harkonen “Shake Harder Boy” 12″

Brutal Panda has reissued this rock n roll masterpiece from Northwest headbangers Harkonen on the vinyl format for a whole new generation of kids lookin to get psyched. Dudes from this band went on to play in These Arms Are Snakes and Helms Alee and you can hear the frenetic yet focused energy of those […]

Tape Tuesday: Jozik Records

We’ve covered sounds from Jozik Records before, and are pleased to see that this label continues to release amazing music on the cassette format. You might think we are a bit biased since two of the artists presented on these four new tapes have appeared on our own Sweat Lodge Guru label, but listen to […]

Saturnalia Temple “Aion of Drakon” LP

Serious doom metal seems to be such a rare thing these days. For those of you who are tired of our recent death metal obsession, you’ll be glad to know that Saturnalia Temple lay on the psychedelic stoner groove thick as molasses and heavy as hell. A monumental and crushing album with suitably amazing cover […]

Sonne Adam “Transformation” LP

From Israel comes Transformation, an album of down-tuned hymns from Sonne Adam. Death metal served up with quite a bit of doom crunch, this slab of old school satanic horror sounds amazing on wax. I’ve been actively searching for a copy of this, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it served up in a […]

Agalloch “Marrow Of The Spirit” 2xLP

Not much to say about this one, it’s one of the best metal albums in years and it’s finally available on vinyl. Agalloch’s “Marrow of the Spirit” has been presented here in ultra-deluxe form, packaged in a double gatefold jacket with raised gloss and an 11″ x 11″ twelve page booklet, plus slightly different art […]

New Records by Scott Tuma and Rafael Anton Irisarri from Immune

Happy Friday everyone, some pretty big records on the site today. I’ve been waiting for Scott Tuma’s “Not For Nobody” on vinyl for what seems like forever, and it’s finally available for purchase. A masterful piece of Americana, this one is beautifully sparse, down to the audible creeks of the floor. We can’t recommend this […]

Lawrence English “The Peregrine” LP

It should come as no surprise that we hold Lawrence English among the absolute top of the experimental drone/ambient scene. We also couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the label presenting his newest album, Jeremy Bible’s Experimedia. Based on the book of the same name, “The Peregrine” represents his most accomplished and mature work yet. The […]

Atriarch “Forever The End” LP

Sonic rituals prepared by Atriarch, a relatively new band featuring members from Portland favorites Graves At Sea and Trees. The tempo here lurches and crawls, and there are plenty of creepy moments along with the distorted, slow-rolling bombast you would expect from the members’ pedigree. Only $13 from Forever the End by Atriarch

Contagion Releasing – 15% Off Distro Vinyl

One of the best metal distros around, Contagion Releasing, is having a mega 15% off sale on all of the vinyl in their distro. They have a ton of stuff in there that we have covered here recently, including vinyl from The Crypt, Necrovorous, Doombringer, Ataraxy, Necrowretch and pretty much every death metal record we […]