Locrian “The Clearing” LP Preorder

We’ve been hugely behind pretty much everything Locrian has ever done, they are one of our favorite bands in the world. From what we’ve been hearing, “The Clearing”, their new full-length album, is their best yet. Countless musicians have tried to imitate their brand of dense, blackened experimentalism, but Locrian remains in a class all […]

Thundercat “The Golden Age Of Apocalypse” LP

If you haven’t already been giving this one heavy play, prepare to be introduced to one of your favorite records of 2011. Thundercat (aka Stephen Bruner) is playing an absolutely authentic blend of smoothed-out jazz and funk from a bygone era. This shit just sounds too good, too pure to be from 2011. Bruner is […]

Sigur Rós “Inni” 3xLP

A new 3xLP from Sigur Rós available for $40 + $20 shipping? Those of us used to buying Sigur Rós vinyl won’t even bat an eyelash. It’s just the price you pay to be a hip, analogue loving fan of the greatest post-rock band to ever exist. Shhh… just point your broswer at sigur-ros.co.uk. Sigur Rós: […]

Anatomia / Burial Invocation “Decomposing Serenades” 7″

Tokyo meets Turkey on this split 7″ from Dark Descent Records. Both bands carve doomed and diseased metal of death into their respective sides – all the better for you to die to. Decomposing Serenades is available for $6.50 at darkdescentrecords.com.

Mark McGuire “Get Lost” LP

’bout time we wrote this one up! Mark McGuire (aka Big Mac) is, of course, an American professional baseball player who batted for the Oakland Athetics and the St. Louis Cardinals. Due to a steroid scandal that effectively put his Major League career on hold, he now plays guitar for Grammy Award winning musical group […]

Vasaeleth / Cruciamentum & Morbosidad / Witchrist 7″ EPs

Hells Headbangers just released a pair of 7″ splits featuring four bands that probably cover about every death metal genre modifier available – bestial, blackened, war, satanic, primitive, etc. Both feature stunning artwork on gatefold jackets and are available for the very pious price of $7.77. First 111 copies are on kvlt black vinyl, after […]

Company “Holy City” LP

Another winner from the review pile: Company play South Carolina lo-fi indie pop, the kind for sitting around and sipping coffee on a crisp autumn morning with the windows open. Music for wearing sweaters and growing beards; an emotive and yearning album for all the whimsical existentialists out there. Pick up a copy on colored […]

Occultation “Somber Dawn” 7″

I am loving this new 7″ from Occultation streaming (in full) over at invisibleoranges.com. Their writeup claims “ties” to Negative Plane and you can definitely hear the guitar tone from the magnificent Stained Glass Revelations present on this single. But instead of psychedelic black surf-metal, we are treated to late night rituals soundtracked for moonlit clearings. […]

Portal “Swarth” 2xLP Preorder

We’ve been waiting a long time. And finally, Portal’s latest is available on our favored analog format. Swarth is a crushing and asphyxiating behemoth of an album. Dense, claustrophobic and downright cryptic. Some might even say absolutely unlistenable. But if you played out your digital copy as much as I have, you are well deserved […]

Tape Tuesday: Ruin Lust Demo CS

Is there any better descriptor than “chaotic, violent black/death metal”? Featuring members from Fell Voices? Sold. If any of you are not soon $6 poorer, you’re no friend of mine. Seriously though, metal fiends – you need this. Ruin Lust demo now available via the internet – psychicviolence.bigcartel.com.