Tape Tuesday: Rhinocervs

This shit seems pretty arcane, so I won’t pretend to know what is going on here. Rhinocervs is a label releasing some very limited cassettes, seemingly focused on mysterious black metal rituals of some sort, often mentioned in the same blog-breath as the Black Twilight Circle. Listen at soundcloud.com, and if you find yourself tapping […]

Tape Tuesday: Vesicus & Lycus Cassettes

Graceless Recordings has got their two debut cassettes ready for purchase. The very first catalog entry is Magi: Within The Sigil Of Kia from Vesicus, a black metal group featuring members from Loss and Mourner. This is lo-fo, necro-occult noise – be forewarned. Demo MMXI from Lycus is, on the other hand, abysmal doom for you […]

Tape Tuesday: Beyond Demo & Cryptborn Cassettes

Dark Descent is now carrying two new cassette tapes from Detest Records, Belgium’s premier death metal merchants. Relentless Abomination Vortex is the debut demo from Germany’s Beyond, and this one is highly recommended. Three songs rip by in less than twenty minutes, and you’ll find yourself flipping the tape to listen again and again. Insane […]

Grasshopper & Telecult Powers LPs on Baked Tapes

Weirdos rejoice – Baked Tapes has taken their blown out sounds to the vinyl format. Both Grasshopper and Telecult Powers are familiar names for those who seek out the darkest and strangest corners of the cassette underground. Dudes have been blowing out face-melting tones for a few years each now. If you haven’t heard of […]

Mirror to Mirror “Here You Leave Today” LP

Alex Twomey’s Mirror to Mirror project receives it’s first vinyl pressing. I love seeing more and more tape artists make the jump to LP. Mirror to Mirror dabbles in saccharine synth sounds, emotive and reflective notes that paint slowly melting soundscapes. The album is limited to 250 copies and costs $18 shipped from Alex’s jugularforest.com […]

Wolves in the Throne Room “Celestial Lineage” 2xLP

The new epic (sorry there really is no other word) black metal masterpiece from Wolves in the Throne Room is now available to preorder on vinyl at Southern Lord. The concluding chapter in a trilogy that started with Two Hunters, Celestial Lineage is more of a return to the atmospheric haunts of that album, side-stepping […]

Vastum “Carnal Law” LP

This is simply one of the best metal releases to come out this year. First on cassette, then on CD, and now, finally and properly on the vinyl format. Vastum is unrelenting death metal – totally sickening and powerful music; complete with soaring guitar leads and perversely sinister lyrics. The black vinyl is $16; one […]

Yob “Atma” 2xLP on Colored Vinyl

Late breaking Friday night announcement here – Yob’s newest is now available on vinyl. And colored vinyl no less! Better hurry if you want in on that blue and red orange goodness. Only 300 copies exist and half those are for sale on the Phantom City Records website. If you didn’t know, this long-running doom crew […]

Famine “s/t” LP

I’ve just placed my order for the debut LP from the newly minted Worthless Endeavors label and I suggest all black metal fiends do likewise. Famine is a project from sole member Worthless and the label states very clearly that there is no political, religious, spiritual or geographical allegiance to be found here. AKA no […]

RxRy “Alpha” LP from Sweat Lodge Guru

We’re proud to present the newest vinyl release from our in-house label, RxRy’s “Alpha”. A shadowy, anonymous outfit, RxRy has been peppering the blogosphere with fractured electronica for some time now. The sound is an amalgamation of techno, IDM, drone, and smoothed-out noise. It is otherworldly and wildly experimental, we are in love. Please give […]