All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween everyone. Don’t mind the mess, Photobucket has assured me I “should expect a response within 48 hours”. Eat candy, puke, repeat.

Lee Noble “Horrorism” LP

If you buy one LP this month, it’d better be Lee Noble’s vinyl debut, “Horrorism”. Assuming you’re into tapes or follow our little label, you’ve probably heard Mr. Noble’s delicate musings before, most find them unforgettable. He finds a way to weave his experimental compositions with a sprinkling of catchy pop, creating a decidedly more […]

Indignant Senility “Consecration of the Whipstain” 2xLP

Absolute aural annihilation. Not through extreme bombast, but via slowly decaying drones moving at less than tectonic speeds. Pat Maher has been a busy man this year, glad to see he set aside some time to orchestrate this dense 2xLP for Type so that we can all end the year on a grey note. Copies […]

Tape Friday: Void Meditation Cult “Sulfurous Prayers” CS

Well we usually try to keep our tape hype to Tuesdays (haters gonna hate), but sometimes some shit comes along that you just need to snatch up right away. I really don’t know if this one will last into next week. I believe this is somehow related to and/or spawned from Sperm of Antichrist. Void […]

Pyramids / Horseback “A Throne Without A King” LP + 7″ Pre-Order

Whoa there, buddy. Mr. Horseback has gotta take it easy with these avant-metal collaborations. First Locrian, now Pyramids. This time a 2xLP featuring a 45 minute tune split across 4 sides and a seven inch featuring a new tune from each project. This is destined to be an amazing record, both of these musical entities […]

Absu “Abzu” LP

Abzu is now available on the unholy analogue format within the 20 Buck Spin distro. A little tighter, more succinct and focused then their last 2xLP, you can now stream the entire record at before you purchase at

Reallllly Good New Records from The Skull Defekts and Luke Roberts on Thrill Jockey

We are pretty much constantly blown away by what Thrill Jockey is doing, you should know that by now. They’ve got two even-better-than-usual records out right now, wanted to give the quick heads up. First comes “2013-3102″ from The Skull Defekts. This isn’t your average Skull Defekts record though. In addition to the legendary Daniel […]

Our Favorite New Tape Label: False

One of the more promising new tape labels we’ve seen lately is False, and they’ve got a beautiful trio of introductory releases available. The clear winner for us is Aaron Martin’s “Stitched In Fire”, a collection that features reinterpretations of Martin’s “Worried About The Fire” album from last year. Artists include Jasper TX, Luperci, Machinefabriek, […]

Bollywood Bloodbath LP from Finders Keepers

I love this record. I love everything about it – from the cover art, to the label, to the premise, to the songs I have never heard and do not need to hear in order to know that this is a must-grip edition from Finders Keepers and is now available at or Happy funkin’ […]

Justice “Audio, Video, Disco” 2xLP + CD

I’m not even going to front like I have listened to this. I’m just going to spin my copy of the Daft Punk worshipping debut and pretend like it is 2007 and I have my whole life ahead of me. Pretend that my love of fun, party rocking music has not been crushed by 7 […]