Tape Tuesday: Servile Sect Tapes from Handmade Birds

Sci-fi black metal rules. This has been established over the course of Servile Sect’s unimpeachable discography. Following up on their recent LP, Svrrender is a continuation of their astral journey into the buzzing void, once again released on the Handmade Birds label. There’s also a new split tape available from Sadness Saturn and Golden Raven, […]

Tape Tuesday: Dethroned Emperor “Undermine” EP

I’ve been sitting on this one for about two weeks now. Flipping the 12 minute tape over and over again in my deck, trying to come to terms with this insane two-person metal onslaught. Needless to say, the Undermine EP is a focused and aggressive battery on the senses, not for the weak of heart […]

Nicolas Jaar “Don’t Break My Love” 10″

I can’t think of many better ways to start this day then by listening to the stream of this new two-track EP from brunch haus superstar Nicolas Jaar. If you are as instantly enamored as we were upon first listening (and why wouldn’t you be?), you’ll be glad to know that you can pick this […]

Acherontas “Vamachara” 2xLP

We picked this up from Ajna Offensive not too long ago. Not really knowing what to expect at first, but this has since gotten many repeat spins. Second wave black metal done right, with plenty of occult rock vibes for good measure. Cut loud and clear at 45rpm and spread across four sides of vinyl […]

The Immune Recordings Black Friday Sale

If you’ve ever wanted anything from Immune, or just want some great music, be sure to hit up their Black Friday sale. They’re blowing out single LPs for $8, double LPs for $12, and CDs for $7. So much good stuff, seriously. Visit ImmuneRecordings.net.

Blut Aus Nord “777-The Desanctification” Lp

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to feel the frosts of winter here – and it’s making me think it might be time to file away all these drunken, sweaty death metal records and start listening to some good old grim and frost-bitten black metal. Blut Aus Nord is right in the middle […]

Expo ’70 / Altaïr Temple “split” LP

The French label Radar Swarm has released a new split LP between Midwest drone hero Expo 70 and Altaïr Temple. Justin’s side was recorded at the same time as the Death Voyage sessions (the cassette version of which was released on Sweat Lodge Guru). You can order from the label at radar.swarm.free.fr or if you live […]

Geoff Mullen “Accidental Guitars” LP

New directions in sound from Geoff Mullen. In a scene filled with unconventional noise, Mr. Mullen always seems to be able to speak with a singular and unique voice, standing quite distinguished from the hordes of new-age synth revivalists and electric guitar droners. Don’t expect anything that you have heard before. This limited edition LP […]

Dungen “Ta Det Lungt” 3xLP Boxset

Wow. $70 for a 3xLP is always a dubious proposition. It depends mostly upon how much you love said band and especially, said album. Luckily this is easily one of the best feel-good psych albums of our generation… but why the exorbitant price tag? Well, it is the Holidays. And also, this is imported all […]

Pinch & Shackleton 2xLP

Meanwhile, across the ocean, experimental bass music continues to bloom into strange, new percussive mutations. Pinch and Shackleton have dropped plenty of speaker rattling cuts on various 12″ platters, now they combine their tectonic force onto a killer 2xLP for Honest Jon’s. Peculiar dubs, my friends. Very peculiar. Pick up a copy at beta.forcedexposure.com.