Container “s/t” LP

The motorik pulse of the early electronic underground seems to be slowly creeping back onto the dirty floors and darkened rooms where it was born. Container sneaks straight banging techno back onto your turntable platter, right back where it belongs. These guys have a long ways to go to reach the levels of the old […]

Blaspherian “Infernal Warriors of Death” LP

UPDATE: Some copies listed in the most recent distro update at Vinyl pressing of this heavy and cryptic album from these Houston, Texas bonesplitters, which is unfortunately only available to order from Europe at this time. And that’s the only way you will get the die-hard version with sticker, poster and t-shirt. So look sharp, […]

Subrosa “No Help for the Mighty Ones” 2xLP

The only thing more exciting than a new Profound Lore release is when said release finally gets a vinyl pressing.We’ve been rocking out to the black magic vibes of these Salt Lake City occult practitioners since early Spring but this type of female-fronted rock music absolutely needs to be blasted on an analog sound system. […]

New Blackest Rainbow Pre-orders

Blackest Rainbow has posted a new round of pre-orders. All of them are excellent, as usual. I am, of course, thrilled to see at least one Natural Snow Building’s related release – a new LP from Isengrind! But that shouldn’t overshadow excellent new experimental work from Ben Nash and a collaborative effort from Chris Forsyth […]

Charlatan “Equinox” LP

Brad Rose’s Charlatan project is one of our favorite. Minimal and melodic electronic music just sounds so good on analog. Another winning edition from Aguirre records, who show no signs of slowing down – taking the tape scene zeitgeist into the world of vinyl. You can order from the label,, or pre-order from in the […]

Panda Bear “Tomboy Expanded” 4xLP

Can’t get enough Tomboy? Lucky for you, Panda Bear’s sophomore fourth opus has been expanded into a massive 4xLP set, adding one new tune and letting the original album heave and breathe over 2 LPs; then bolstering that with another LP featuring the single mixes and yet another LP featuring a cappellas and instrumentals for […]

SCROLL “S/T” Cassette

Uh, wow, this one should be around for about 20 seconds, don’t sleep on it. SCROLL is a pummeling one-man black metal project from Washington, this is the debut cassette. It’s limited to only 30 copies (even less than that are left) and costs $5. Stream it below, then buy it on Bandcamp. Scroll by […]

Experimedia Sale: Blackest Rainbow, Thrill Jockey LPs (Plus an Exclusive Promo Code)

Along with a huge distro update this weekend, Experimedia has also announced a ton of LP titles at 30% off in their shop. Super low prices on Blackest Rainbow and Thrill Jockey titles – plenty of stuff from OMGV favorites like Barn Owl in there (plus the Elm record we put out), just look around […]

Mastodon “The Hunter” 2xLP

Love them or hate them, Mastodon rocks. Their $45 deluxe album editions don’t necessarily rock, but hey, they sound great and I buy them anyways (as do plenty of others, I am sure). You can always go the “cheap” route and buy the $25 version compressed onto one slab of vinyl. Or you could spend […]

Execration “Odes of the Occult” 2xLP

The first (and possibly only) North American distro that I have seen carrying this excellent imported Norwegian death metal masterpiece from Execration. I have been fiending to get my hands on a copy, wouldn’t you know the fine folks at Contagion would be the ones to finally do what needed to be done and bring […]