Spencer’s Top Ten 2011 Vinyl Releases

It’s been a huge year for me, Mitch and the label. Thanks to everybody for sticking with us as posting slowed down, became slightly erratic and/or downright satanic. Happy New Years. Autopsy Macabre Eternal [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This album started a bit of a Death Metal obsession for me in 2011. […]

Mitch’s Top 20 Albums of 2011

I found this year’s list to be harder than ever to compile. I’ve listened to a ton of music in 2011, but with so many huge life changes (a brand new baby, move to a new house, an office move, etc) and so much to listen to, I didn’t get as much time with some […]

Five Favorite Vinyl Releases from 2011 by Nigel Barnes (Wroom)

Nigel Barnes from the fuzzed-out drone powerhouse Wroom sent over this brief, but beautiful list. Cherish it. “I had a hell of a year, and thus spent an inordinate of time listening to old Slayer and Death records. However, I did pick up a few LPs this year that I enjoyed quite a bit. Here’s […]

The Ten Best Releases of 2011 by Shawn Reed (Night People, Wet Hair)

Shawn Reed, Iowa City’s reigning king of weirdo tunes (we consider his Night People label essential), always turns in an inspired (and inspiring) list, so we couldn’t wait for it to come in. As expected, he’s unearthed some treasures. Do some digging! Not in order… Featureless Ghost- Biologically-Sound Cyber Bodies CS ( Crash Symbols) Terror […]

Top 10 Hip-Hop Mixtapes/Albums of 2011 by Brad Rose

Digitalis’ Brad Rose gets hit up for a lot of year-end lists, so we decided to do something different. I know he’s VERY into rap music, so we had him put together a list of his favorite hip-hop albums and mixtapes from 2011. This is my pick for list of the year, seriously. 1. Big […]

Aaron Horkey’s Top Ten Albums of 2011

Aaron Horkey, OMG’s favorite illustrator and tastemaker, sent over a great list of picks. Enjoy! 1. Graveyard, “Hisingen Blues” (Nuclear Blast) 2. Skull Defekts, “Peer Amid” (Thrill Jockey) 3. The Devil’s Blood, “The Thousandfold Epicentre” (Van) 4. Cold Cave, “Cherish The Light Years” (Matador) 5. Sub Rosa, “No Help For The Mighty Ones” (Profound Lore) […]

Top Ten Albums of 2011 by Monster Rally

Ted Feighan’s Monster Rally project continues to rise through the scene at an impressive pace. His music is the perfect brand of beat-driven tropicalia. His picks, as usual, are spot-on. In No Particular Order… The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World Teebs – Collections 01 Jonwayne – I Dont Care Yalls – Yalls […]

“Top 10 Live Performances of the Spring and Summer 2011 by Location (In No Particular Order)” by Carl Calm

Many thanks to Carl Calm for providing us with another list this year. Hopefully everybody had a chance to make it out to some good shows in 2011! Sean McCann and Matthew Sullivan in LA Rene Hell in Asheville, NC Matt Carlson in Portland Flower Man in Chicago Raglani and Ghost Dice in St. Louis […]

Mark Templeton Top 10 Albums of 2011

Scotch Heart is easily one of the best releases we have ever had the pleasure of putting out. It’s creator, Mark Templeton, would like to share his top 10 albums of 2011 with our readers: 1. Oneohtrix Point Never – “Replica” (Mexican Summer/Software)  This is the first and only album of Oneohtrix Point Never that […]

Some 2011 Thoughts and Picks from Brendan Ekstrom (Circa Survive)

“Once again, in asking me to make a top ten list, Mitch has reminded me how little I actually listen to music these days. Again, I can’t think of ten records I heard this year. In a way this is good because I just went to find some new music. My general thoughts for music […]