“No Refunds: 10 Warped Records From 2011 I Bought With My Own Damned Money” by NPR’s Lars Gotrich

“Look, I’m really happy about the vinyl resurgence of the last five years, too, but some pressing plants and record labels are starting to take premature victory laps. Are they even listening back to the test pressings? I realize this is, like, #firstworldproblems 101, but here are 10 new records I bought in 2011 with […]

Further Records Top Five Small Issue LPs

Further Records has had a huge year. They shared their top 5 favorite short-run records with us and it’s safe to say that the mutant electronic underground has reigned supreme in 2011. Innercity – Terrestreality Matt Carlson – Particle Language Outer Space – Last Vacuum Demos Volume 1 Kaval – Sky Of Mirrors Niggas With Guitars […]

Lots of Great 2011 Releases by Antony Harrison (Konntinent)

It should be no surprise that we love the music of Antony Harrison (aka Konntinent). His list is great and should be researched further by anyone interested in experimental music. This year, approximately: Marissa Nadler – Marissa Nadler Lee Noble – No Becoming + the rest Maria Minerva – Tallinn at Dawn + Noble Savage […]

Jason Munn’s Top Ten for 2011

If you don’t own any posters, you at least need to pick up The Small Stakes book. Jason Munn is an amazing artist who conveys his concepts through ridiculously clever and minimalist designs. The consummate poster professional sent over his top ten picks for 2011: 10. The Antlers – Burst Apart 9. Weekend – Red […]

Top Ten Albums of 2011 by TAIGA Records

As midwestern folks, we feel lucky to have such an awesome experimental record label just up the road in Minneapolis. Andrew from TAIGA sent us his list, as deep as ever! Top 10 2011 releases alphabetical by title /// Jon Mueller “Alphabet of Movements” LP (Type) Noveller “Glacial Glow” LP (Weird Forest) Ghédalia Tazartés “Granny […]

2011’s Best Music by Stunned Records

Ah, Stunned, probably the biggest story in cassettes of 2011. The best, most recognizable name in analog tape called it quits this past year. Let’s hope they find a new way to release all that creativity soon. Huge thanks to Phil and Myste for sending over their list! Stunned Records’ Favorite Cassette Releases of 2011: […]

Justin Wright’s (Expo ’70) Top Ten Releases

It’s been an amazing year for Justin Wright. So many quality releases and re-issues for his Expo ’70 project, plus a nonstop stream of amazing underground releases on the Sonic Meditations label. 2012 is looking even better. Here’s Justin’s top ten from 2011: Peaking Lights “936” Serpent Venom “Carnal Altar” The Wounded Kings “In The […]

Steven Williams’ (Init Records) Favorite Albums of 2011

Steven Williams from Sioux Falls, SD’s Init Records sent over a list of albums from 2011. As always, he uncovered some under-appreciated gems. Right-o! TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2011 (no particular order): WILD FLAG “Wild Flag” (Merge) KEN MODE “Venerable” (Profound Lore/Init) ED GEIN “Bad Luck” (Blackmarket Activities) RACEBANNON “Six Sik Sisters” (Tizona) THE MOUNTAIN […]

Best Albums of 2011 by Doe Eyed Design

Michael and Eric from Lincoln, Nebraska’s Doe Eyed Design sent over their awesome lists of favorite albums. Here we go… ERIC’S LIST: 1. Extra Life – Ripped Heart Extra Life decided that they no longer want to be Swans and would rather be Depeche Mode or Cocteau Twins or some other 80s gothy pop. Charlie […]

Dan Svizeny (Cough Cool) Top Ten

Dan Svizeny sent over his top ten for 2011. Like a true gentleman, he did not include his own album, even though it is clearly top shelf material – pick that up at batheticrecords.com. 10. Balkans – Balkans 9. Jeans Wilder- Nice Trash 8. Pure X – Pleasure 7. Minks – By the Hedge 6. […]