Six New Tapes – The Penultimate Batch from Sweat Lodge Guru

We are happy to announce six new tapes from our in-house label, Sweat Lodge Guru. And yes, you read right, this will be our penultimate (aka second-to-last) batch of cassettes. We will still be releasing single tapes once in awhile, plus more vinyl, but the large batches of tapes are becoming inefficient for us. That […]

Tape Tuesday: Locrian & Mammifer “Bless Them That Curse You” Cassette

Speaking of Tape Tuesday, this cassette edition of the Locrian and Mammifer collab dropped yesterday shortly after our post about the vinyl. You can pick up this lovingly prepared edition of 100 200 at or See further down the page for sound samples.

Tape Tuesday: New Hooker Vision Batch

Hooker Vision is still killing it in the tape game. From the artwork to the curation, everything is absolutely spot-on with Rachel and Grant’s in-house label. This new batch has a lot of new names, and a few we have come to know and love. Zones for days – check it out at

Locrian & Mammifer “Bless Them That Curse You” 2xLP

Mammifer, the husband and wife duo from Seattle, team up with Locrian, the strictly platonic threesome from Chicago. If that news doesn’t activate every receptor in your experimental metal erogenous zone, then you are likely dysfunctional. Seems that we have been waiting months and months for this vinyl to be released. The moment is now, […]

Celer “Evaporate and Wonder” LP

Pretty excited to start this week off announcing a new LP from Celer (even though this actually went up for sale last week!). Nobody does it better than this duo – tones that drift on for days, melodies stretched to their breaking point, drones so heavy they could crush you if they were not so […]

Asphyx “Deathhammer” LP

Death metal vets Asphyx have a new album out. No old school revivalism necessary, these dudes have been pounding out the rhythms and riffs of the old ones for quite some time now. You can stream the entire album at and then place an order for the LP edition at

Sean McCann and Matthew Sullivan “Vanity Fair” LP

Sean McCann’s brand new Recital label appears to be up and running at last! Among the first 3 releases is this new collaborative LP from Sean and Matthew Sullivan, and it brings all the strange and sunken sounds that you would expect from this pairing of experimental droners. Limited to 560 copies, with the first […]

Obolus “Lament” 10″ EP

The Flenser continues their insane release schedule, and next to press is a 10″ EP from the promisingly bleak Obolus. A succinct statement of misery, Lament deserves as much and more attention than their promising demo – wrapping the listener up in atmosphere before pummeling them with harsh black metal fury. The pre-order is available […]

White Hills “Frying on this Rock” LP

Long live space rock. White Hills return with another long playing burner, as always on the triumphant Thrill Jockey imprint.  The artwork for Frying on this Rock features appropriately eye-popping fluorescent ink and a super shiny varnish. The perfect visual accompaniment to this explosive psych ensemble’s sound. White/pink split vinyl has already disappeared, but you […]

Bongripper “Satan Worshipping Doom” 2xLP

2012 Update: This OMGV favorite is now available for a THIRD time. Do not sleep on it again! BONGRIPPER.COM The name of the band is Bongripper. The name of the album is Satan Worshipping Doom. I’m not really certain what other hyperbole I could throw at this release to help you wrap your head around what […]