White Hills / Farflung “split” LP

White Hills vinyl sells out, it’s a fact. If you are interested, we suggest you act quickly on this split LP from the electric freakout masters and Farflung, another band with a strong psych pedigree. Awesome artwork courtesy of Keenan Marshall Keller (check out more at his Flickr photostream). Purchase the split LP promptly at thrilljockey.com.

White Hills “S/T” LP

2012 UPDATE: This album has been repressed – thrilljockey.com. Thrill Jockey has posted preorders for the MASSIVE new self-titled album by White Hills.  This one features a bit of everything:  space-rock, slow brooding psych jams, six-minute drone sessions, shredding guitars, quiet meditations, etc.  If you’ve liked anything about White Hills in the past, you’re going […]

Hua†a “Atavist of Mann” 2xLP

Psychedelic sludge and lysergic doom worship from France. If you aren’t digging the new Electric Wizard, this will likely remind you of why you ever listened to them in the first place. Expertly crafted, this heavy as hell 2xLP can be picked up in the US at analogworship.com or fallenempire.bigcartel.com.

Mournful Congregation “The Unspoken Hymns” LP & “Monad of Creation” 2xLP

20 Buck Spin, generous folks that they are, have managed to import these two Mournful Congregation LPs from Osmose Productions. If you weren’t aware, this is simply one of the best doom acts around, effortlessly pairing sorrowful melodies with crushing despair. No hope in sight. Pick these up at 20buckspin.com. Highly recommended, we don’t see vinyl […]

Afterlife “Celestial Habitat” LP

We’re lusting pretty hard over this vinyl debut from Afterlife on Grant and Rachel Evans’ Hooker Vision imprint. “Celestial Habitat” collects the soaring synth work that Ryan McGill (Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle (Cenote Glow) have become well-known for, albeit at an even higher level than before. If you’re at all into the synth scene, this […]

Dylan Ettinger “Lifetime of Romance” LP

Not Not Fun recently dropped some new records, and among them was an absolute gem. “Lifetime of Romance” is the newest album from Indiana’s Dylan Ettinger, and it represents a HUGE maturation of his sound. He has always been an exciting prospect in the weirdo synth-pop scene, but this new material sounds fully-formed, polished, and […]

Pete Swanson “Man With Potential” LP

UPDATE: This album has been repressed. Don’t sleep on it again – experimedia.net. Sorry for the slow posting lately, life has been incredibly busy for both of us. Still, we should’ve posted about this album sooner, its a stunner. Pete Swanson, formerly of Yellow Swans, has just released an LP that will surely make a […]

Koi Pond “So Higher” LP

Justin Wright has announced a new album on his Sonic Meditations label. He’s somehow managed to convince Koi Pond (who have previously only released a one-off cassette for Night People) to put out a full length LP of their cosmic black hole jams. This heavy psych trio features artist extraordinaire Arik Roper, among others, and […]

Motion Sickness of Time Travel “s/t” 2xLP

Spectrum Spools has been a hard label to keep up with; their output has been insanely and consistently prolific. The same can be said for Motion Sickness of Time Travel, who now has a new 2xLP’s worth of material up for pre-order. This one promises to be absolutely enchanting; each new tune takes up an […]

Jim Guthrie “Sword & Sworcery – The Ballad of the Space Babies” LP + Cassette

Well, this is just awesome. Any videogame nerds among you will likely recognize the artwork for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, truly one of the finest games to come out on Apple’s App Store last year (or ever?). Everything about it is amazing, from the artwork to the gameplay to the music. That last point […]