Cobalt “Gin” 2xLP

Cobalt’s Gin has at long last received it’s due – brought back to life as a 2xLP vinyl pressing on Profound Lore. At times plaintive, but mostly just crushing, this duo fucks with the black metal formula enough to piss off the purists. If you are a heavy metal fan who enjoys adventurous music that […]

Monster Rally “Beyond The Sea” LP

We can’t really say enough good things about Monster Rally. We’ve been fans since day one, and we’ll continue loving his sun-drenched Madlib-worship for as long as he cares to make it. His newest LP, “Beyond The Sea”, is available now for $14 via Gold Robot. Beyond the Sea by Monster Rally Monster Rally – […]

Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos “Icon Give Thank”

This, my friends, is some unbelievably blown-out action. For the ninth volume of FRKWYS, Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras went to Jamaica and teamed up with reggae superstars The Congos for one of the most smoked-out, weirdest sessions ever put to tape. It’s really, really good, just not for the squares. Get the LP […]

Actress “R.I.P.” 2xLP

As Spencer said last week, we shouldn’t let the absolute decline of the dubstep genre sour our opinions of electronic music. There are still groundbreaking albums being released regularly. Like, for instance, the new record from Actress. “R.I.P.” is as original as anything he, Zomby, Flying Lotus, or anyone else has released, and should keep […]

Duane Pitre “Feel Free” LP

It’s nice to see Important Records get back to releasing really amazing experimental music. Duane Pitre’s “Feel Free” should satisfy all of you ambient fiends with its beautiful compositions and and masterful orchestration. Give the samples a listen, then buy for $15 at

Experimedia Huge Weekend Sale

Hey guys! How’s Record Store Day treating you? For those who don’t feel the need to venture out in the madness, there are plenty of great things going on at a few virtual record stores, including this huge sale that Jeremy from Experimedia just announced last night. 25% off pretty much the entire damn store. […]

Clubroot “s/t (III-MMXII)” 2xLP

Just because the term dubstep has become synonymous with “epic” bass drops and over-amplified chainsaw/farting noises doesn’t mean that there aren’t still producers out there making worthwhile techno music. Clubroot has always been a luminary in this genre, and this album shows more of the same consistency in beat production and sweeping melodies that we have witnessed […]

Krallice “Orphan of Sickness” 12″

Love ’em or hate ’em – Krallice shreds. Personally, we don’t see what’s not to love. The Orphan of Sickness 12″ contains three Orphan covers on one side of wax and can be ordered right now from

Land of Decay New Releases

Land of Decay has got 4 new tapes up for sale in their webstore, along with two Locrian-related tapes that you definitely need to pay some mind. Newly minted on the LOD imprint are Ithi, Number None, The Fortieth Day/Terence Hannum/Sshe Sshe Retina Stimulants and Wraiths. The release of this batch pushes the catalog numbers firmly into the 20s, and the […]

Paco Sala “Ro-me-ro” LP

Wow. What a stunning album Digitalis has just released here. Not that we don’t expect only the finest outsider music from this well established label, but this is something else. Paco Sala is a new project from from Antony Harrison, whom a few of us may know as Konntinent. The dark worlds of sound that […]