Sigur Rós “Valtari” 2xLP

Sigur Rós have a new album out. Today is the official release date in much of the world, including our fair shores – although I did receive an email yesterday telling me that yesterday was officially “Valtari Day” so that’s probably why I saw so many people outside celebrating, grilling and drinking fine American swill […]

Pye Corner Audio “The Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1 & 2” 2xLP

UPDATE: you can still get this, and a number of other hard-to-find Type titles (i.e. Main Attrakions, Pete Swanson, Porter Ricks) at Deep electronics from the incomparable Type label: two properly baked slabs serving as the official vinyl issue of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of The Black Mill Tapes. Pye Corner Audio doesn’t […]

Blut Aus Nord “Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age” LP

Debemur Morti Productions seems intent on keeping the Blut Aus Nord catalog in print, and we take no issue with that. Memoria Vetusta I is pure black metal, a classic album from way back in 1996 – available once again on grey or gold vinyl with a gold foil detailed jacket. Procure a copy from […]

Hooded Menace “Never Cross The Dead” 2xLP

Hell’s Headbangers has got some super limited stock from the second pressing of Hooded Menace’s masterwork Never Cross the Dead. This 2xLP comes on black and white colored vinyl with a black and white sleeve fully showcasing Putrid’s skull-crushingcover art. It will not last long. Cut disgustingly loud at 45rpm, this version is already sold […]

Five Rap Records That Are Well Worth Your Attention

I’ve been listening to a ton of rap music this year, it just seems to have gotten a LOT more exciting lately. I wanted to take a quick moment to spotlight a number of releases that are available on vinyl right now. Try to enjoy. Danny Brown “XXX” 2xLP – This is easily one of […]

Ash Borer “demo” LP Preorder

UPDATE: This is still available at Could we possibly announce any other record that is more worthy of your hard earned money? This incredible demo from Ash Borer is now available on vinyl, featuring an all new mix mastered from the original source. This is one of very few releases we can recall in […]

Sleep “Dopesmoker” 2xLP

Shame on us for not writing this up yet. When this release was announced, there was some valid speculation on whether or not another version of Sleep’s legendary album was really necessary. After hearing the remastered version, we are both in agreement that it was, indeed, necessary. This is louder than you’ve ever heard the […]

The Haunting Presence “s/t” 7″ EP

It’s good to see the Black Twilight Circle spreading. Hells Headbangers, never ones to miss a good signing, have gone ahead and put this self-titled EP of curdled, blackened death from 2011 onto 7″ of vinyl. Previously available on home-dubbed cassette, and not exactly easy to get ahold of, now’s your chance to pick this […]

“Eight Trails, One Path” LP

Another RSD exclusive surfaces in the internet distro broth. Eight Trails, One Path is a fine collection of (you guessed it) eight guitar-based pieces from all of your favorite guitar-based musicians. I’m talking Six Organs of Admittance and Lee Ronaldo here, just to name a couple. The greatest thing about this album is that it […]

M.F. DOOM “Operation Doomsday” 2xLP

Another version of M.F. DOOM’s Operation Doomsday has surfaced, but who’s counting? Fact of the matter is, if you do not own this album, it’s an egregious error on your part and should be rectified immediately. This silver embossed jacket looks as good as any bootleg version to add to your presumably inadequate collection. Pre-order […]