Fabio Frizzi “Zombi 2” LP

Fabio Frizzi is a master soundtracker. Who else could provide the proper mood for one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history: a zombie fighting a real-live, fucking shark. It’s no easy task to provide musical accompaniment to the inspired lunacy of Lucio Fulci, but Fabio pulls it off effortlessly, creating soundtracks that stand on […]

Tortoise “s/t” LP

The debut album from Tortoise, long out-of-print on vinyl, is back in an edition of 500. With a custom silk-screened chipboard jacket and insert, this repress is just like the original Рnow remastered and weighing in at 180 grams per platter. This small edition simply will not last. Get wise: thrilljockey.com.

Anhedonist “Netherwards” LP

Anyone who picked up the crushing The Drear demo has been anxiously awaiting more from Seattle’s Anhedonist. Dark Descent did a great job on the CD, but we have, of course, been biding time until Parasitic Records announces the vinyl edition. Lo and behold, it has come to pass, and we could not urge you […]

Eric Lanham “The Sincere Interruption” LP

The one thing we simply do not like about Carl Calm is that there is not nearly enough Carl Calm on vinyl… well, this isn’t exactly Carl Calm, but the man behind the moniker is none other than Eric Lanham, and here he presents his debut album under his own name. This is coming out […]

Golden Retriever “Occupied With The Unspoken” LP

Wow, more great music born from the experimental drone underground, being made available to the masses on the truest and purest analogue format. Golden Retriever continue to be one of the most exciting musical groups around, in any genre, thanks to their fairly singular noise synthesis. We seriously love this band. The new LP comes […]

Silent Land Time Machine “I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude” Vinyl EP

Previously released on cassette and CD-R, Silent Land Time Machine’s most recent EP has finally made it to vinyl. This new material is definitely more experimental than his last album (which we were obsessed with), but sometimes it takes a more abstract approach to attain even higher peaks at points. Experimental music doesn’t get much […]

New LPs by William Cody Watson and High Aura’d on Bathetic

Wow, today is like a dream come true. William Cody Watson and High Aura’d, both Sweat Lodge Guru alumni, have new vinyl full-lengths out on Bathetic. Watson’s “Bill Murray” represents his deepest, most focused work yet, while High Aura’d proves his career is just getting started with “Sanguine Futures”. Hugely recommended all around, don’t sleep. […]

Lee Noble / Ensemble Economique “Motion Forever” Split LP

It’s nice to see that labels are aggressively releasing records by some of the most promising members of the experimental/drone community. Hands In The Dark stepped up to bring the world this mind-bending split by Lee Noble and Ensemble Economique. If you’re into this stuff, it’s gonna be a total winner. If you’re uninitiated, it’s […]

New from Thrill Jockey: Mike Sheidt (YOB) and Eternal Tapestry LPs

Thrill Jockey continues their relentless release schedule, all the while maintaining the high level of quality that we have come to love and expect. There is always several new LPs on the horizon with this label, and we urge you to check them all out, but especially these two releases from Mike Sheidt of YOB […]

Antediluvian “Through the Cervix of Hawaah” 2xLP

We’ve been waiting awhile for this album, and Nuclear War Now does not disappoint nor scrimp on the packaging. To our ears, Antediluvian sound like nothing else, except maybe drowning in a pool of blood and feces (we mean that in the best way possible). So it’s only fitting that they receive a proper tome […]