L A N D “Night Within” LP

Jazz noir from out of nowhere via Important Records. What else do you expect from the label at this point? I’m unclear on the full extent of all the collaborators on Night Within, but it sounds like Ben Frost was involved, and that’s not to be taken lightly. Daniel Lea and Matthew Waters seem to […]

Rangda “Formerly Extinct” LP

The supremely psychedelic trio returns, laying waste to speakers and sober stares alike. Sir Richard Bishop leads Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano in a direct assault on your psychic senses. Give in, order at dragcity.com.

Expo 70 “Beguiled Entropy” LP Pre-order

The best thing about our favorite drone artists is that they are so damn prolific. Not that Expo 70 fits squarely into the drone category; Justin’s psychedelic riffs carry enough weight to drop the bottom out of any genre bag they’re placed in. Case in point: Beguiled Entropy, an LPs worth of transcendent sounds collected […]

Darkspace “-1” EP

The first Darkspace vinyl ever, -1, is available to order from Fallen Empire. This EP features rerecorded versions of the -1 demo from 2002. Expect total cosmic blackness and elegant, minimal packaging. Imported (and sold out) from The Avantgarde Music label in Italy, $25 gets you sorted at fallenempirerecords.com.

King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown 3×10″

Any vinyl loving dub fan is well familiar with the painfully inferior modern pressings that can be found in your local record stores. Unfortunately for us, there are not many other options. At least not until something like this comes along: a remastered version of King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown pressed onto three 10″ vinyl […]

Barn Owl Repressed

Just a quick heads up that Thrill Jockey has done the responsible, grown-up thing and repressed two conspicuously out-of-print titles from desert psych destroyers Barn Owl. Lost in the Glare and Ancestral Star are both available in newly minted editions of 500 apiece at thrilljockey.com.

Celer “I, Anatomy” 2xLP

Drag City always has a slew of amazing records up their sleeve, and several on the table. There’s plenty of quality music coming off of this label, today we’re just pointing out one album in particular. This is, we believe, the first 2xLP from the impossibly prolific drone project Celer. Which means you are being […]

New on NNA: Oneohtrix Point Never, Rene Hell, Matt Carlson

Holy hell, this new batch of vinyl from NNA sounds outstanding; one of the O.G. tape labels still delivering the best left-field electronic music from the masters of the genre. Oneohtrix Point Never has made quite a name for himself, damn nearly being accepted as “mainstream” among the quibbling critics; and who better to share […]

Midnight “Complete and Total Hell” 2xLP

We do love us some fucking Midnight. The blackened rock ‘n’ roll perverts have just rolled out a new compilation on Hell’s Headbangers covering damn near their entire recorded output pre-Satanic Royalty. Available for $16.66 on grey or black 2xLP at shop-hellsheadbangers.com.

Mournful Congregation “Book of Kings” 2xLP

If you missed this the first time it came into stock, try not to let that happen again. Yes, this is one pricey import – but it is very much worth every penny. A colossal album, a monument of true doom from the foremost practitioners of the dark art. A gorgeous 2xLP in a gatefold […]