Yob “The Illusion of Motion” & “The Unreal Never Lived” 2xLPs

Update: these are available once again from the brand new 20 Buck Spin store. Links updated below. Late breaking weekday news for the doomed OMGV faithful. 20 Buck Spin is stocking these two LP issues of classic Yob vinyl, and while they certainly are not cheap (ahem… $35 $30 each), they most definitely are essential. These […]

Debemur Morti: New LPs from Blut Aus Nord, Encoffination, Behexen

Some news can’t wait until Monday… the new arrivals section at Hell’s Headbangers has got some new records from Debemur Morti, including the much anticipated new album from Blut Aus Nord, Cosmosophy, officially closing down the 777 trilogy. Also included is the newest LP from Finland’s Behexen, and a new EP from Encoffination, seriously one […]

Yoga “Skinwalker” LP

We were beginning to wonder when we would hear from this project again. On their previous effort, Yoga combined all the best aethetics of Not Not Fun, 70’s horror soundtracks and black metal into one unholy, eyebrow-singing stew. Skinwalker sees them doing, well, more of the same. Get hip to it or don’t – this […]

Aluk Todolo “Occult Rock” 2xLP

First of all, the name of this album coupled with the cover image, is hilarious. We fully realize that heavy metal is “serious business” but when we’re done prancing around in the forest in corpse paint and spikes and posing with swords, it’s nice to come home, kick up our heels and enjoy a little […]

Required Wreckers: Mike Shiflet, Pete Swanson, Gregg Kowalsky, Josef Van Wissem

Amish Records continues the Required Wreckers series with four heavy-hitting sides from experimental music’s finest. Time Magazine’s Man of the Year Pete Swanson trades sides with Mike Shiflet, and master tape manipulator Gregg Kowalsky teams up with reigning lute champ Josef Van Wissem. All to great effect, of course. Pick this one up from the […]

Converge “All We Love We Leave Behind” 2xLP

It’s time to get excited about the new 2xLP from Converge: All We Love We Leave Behind. Sounds kinda emo, right? Well this album will rip your face off; Converge are anything but. And if I am having to explain to you about Converge then there are some serious problems here. Go get your head […]

GGUW “Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit” EP

If you are a fan of nihilistic, lo-fi black metal, you owe it to yourself to check this one out. We’ve been spinning this record for a few months now, and were surprised to find out there are still a small handful of copies left at Fallen Empire. This will likely never appear on our […]

Natural Snow Buildings “Night Coercion Into The Company of Witches” 4xLP

Originally released in a scant edition of 22, Night Coercion Into The Company of Witches is now available to own as a badass 4xLP set — or 3xCD set, if you fancy, but then why are you reading this blog? The chance to purchase an NSB album is pretty infrequent, this stuff is usually super-limited […]

Tortoise “It’s All Around You” LP

Thrill Jockey continues their ambitious Tortoise reissue campaign with this late entry into their seminal catalog. To be perfectly honest, this is one album that never quite clicked with me; it just reminded me a little too much of this… but the worst album from Tortoise is still better than 99% of the subsequent “post […]

Flying Lotus “Until The Quiet Comes” 2xLP

You probably could have predicted our reaction, but we think this new Flying Lotus record is fucking amazing and recommend you order it immediately. Doubters can stream the entire album at npr.org. Many of us have been waiting all year for more news about this record. Not much to say. Flying Lotus stands alone; the […]