Spectrum Spools: Three Legged Race, FORMA, Container, Bee Mask

We’ve been on board with the Spectrum Spools label since day one. Can’t say that we have faithfully kept up with all of their releases (this label is goddamn prolific), but putting John Elliott of Emeralds in charge of curation of his own sub-label on Editions Mego was a brilliant move by Peter Rehberg and […]

Dark Descent Unleashes New LPs from Maveth, Desolate Shrine

We really can’t talk about new death metal records without using words like “unleash” now can we? Because truly, the music coming off the Dark Descent label lately is like some rabid beast being let off the chain to run loose in your house. A few songs later and your face is laying on the […]

Yo La Tengo “Fade” LP + 7″

The greatest and longest running band in the universe* has a new album out. If you don’t have room in your heart for a new LP from Yo La Tengo, then it is a cold, shriveled thing and could rightly benefit from the dusky autumnal jams and soft coos of this three-piece from Hoboken. The […]

J Dilla “Donuts” 8×7″ Single Box Set

[insert the sound of air sirens] Attention: if for some reason you do not own the album Donuts by the late J Dilla, now is your chance to pretend like you were just waiting for the best version to come along, all this time. Stones Throw has just announced the Donuts box set: 8 seven-inch […]

Vessel “Order of Noise” 2xLP

Let’s ease into the frantic holiday season with a little bit of subdued, headphone-ready rhythms, shall we? The debut full-length LP from Vessel is a fucking relief to hear, a 2xLP spilling over with proof that so-called “EDM” is not the death rattle for techno that we’ve all feared. TriANgle Records delivers another stunning album […]

Raime “Quarter Turns Over a Living Line” 2xLP

Speaking of subdued: the new 2xLP from Raime could practically be classified as comatose. The new soundtrack to your brain shutting down forever — not quite techno, not quite ambient or drone… listen for yourself then order fast at experimedia.net (this is one is disappearing out of distros).

New Immune Pre-orders: Jon Porras & White Hills LPs

If you’ve somehow been missing the solo psych guitar recordings of Jon Porras, it’s possible that we cannot help you at this point. Orilla Oscura is his third album under his own name, and his second release this year. If you have’t gotten on board yet then we don’t expect you to any time soon. […]

Mitochondrion “Parasignosis” 2xLP

At long last, the vinyl edition of Mitochondrion’s Parasignosis is available to order. This is easily one of our favorite releases from last year, on the Profound Lore label or any other, and immediate ordering is highly recommended. 180 gram vinyl, 20-page booklet, an A2 poster and a gatefold cover – plenty of room for […]

Parasitic Pre-orders: Vassafor, Cauldron Black Ram, Diocletian/Weregoat

Parasitic Records just unloaded an unholy trio of blackened, death metal pre-orders. The long awaited new 2xLP from Vassafor is finally ready for pre-order, alongside a new EP from the criminally overlooked Cauldron Black Ram. Tack a new split EP from Diocletian and Weregoat onto that order and you are ready to check out. We’ve […]

Steve Hauschildt “Sequitur” LP

There’s a new Emeralds album out on Editions Mego, and a new Steve Hauschildt album out on Kranky. These guys just don’t stop. You know what to expect: slinky-sci-fi-synth vibes, this time with extra bounce and androgynous sex appeal. Pick it up from our pals at kranky.net.