New on Mondo: Jerry Goldsmith “Poltergeist” OST 2xLP

Attention, rabid collectors: Mondo will be releasing their brand spanking new vinyl pressing of the Poltergeist soundtrack at a random time today. This collector’s edition features all new artwork by the consistently impressive We Buy Your Kids as well as 5 tracks that were not available on the original pressing of this album. This is […]

Natural Snow Buildings / Twinsistermoon / Isengrind “Snowbringer Cult” Vinyl

Well we just got like a foot of snow dumped on us this morning in Kansas City so it seems like a good time to post this set of records from Ba Da Bing! Snowbringer Cult is a massive undertaking from the Natural Snow Buildings crew that consists of a 2xLP plus an LP each […]

Bitchin Bajas “Krausened” EP

Bitchin Bajas, the kraut-revival side-project of that dude from Cave, have returned triumphantly to Permanent Records with a new EP of motorik workouts. Allright, I managed to use the words “kraut” and “motorik” in this writeup so my work here is done! But wait, I guess we should mention that you can purchase this on […]

Horse Latitudes “Gathering” 2xLP

Svart Records reaches back to 2010 to pull the debut LP from Finland’s Horse Latitudes out of obscurity and into the modern day on a not-so-modern format. Psychedelic doom and vinyl are always a winning combination in our book, and it’s great to witness a band gain recognition and have their back catalog repressed properly […]

Bongripper / Hate “split” 12″ 45rpm EP

We happen to know for a fact that you all love some Bongripper. They had a helluva time even keeping their last LP in stock, after all. The limited color vinyl for this new split with Hate sold out in a sludge-filled heartbeat, but you can still get in on the first pressing with black […]

Fennesz “17.02.12” 2xLP + CD + DVD Boxset

You can generally gauge how much you love a particular artist or group by how much you are willing to spend on their extravagantly packaged boxset. In the case of Christian Fennesz, I’d hazard to guess that there are a few out there who don’t mind dropping their hard-earned coin on some live material. For […]

sunn O))) “Rehearsal Demo November 11th 2011” LP

There was some speculation on whether this new LP from sunn 0))), limited to 1500 pieces, would ever make it beyond the group’s merch table from their recent tours of Europe and the East Coast. Well, it did. But you should not expect it to be available for too much longer. Black 180 gram vinyl […]

Thrill Jockey Records: Dan Friel “Total Folklore” and Black Twig Pickers “Rough Carpenters” LPs

Yesterday was a huge release day from Thrill Jockey, they seem to have those about every other week. Seriously, the label is so insanely prolific while maintaining an unmatched level of quality that it simply boggles the mind. Among the trinity of albums released yesterday were new LPs from noise-wrangler Dan Friel and Appalachian troubadours […]

Bauhaus “In The Flat Fields” and “Mask” LPs Reissued

Bauhaus laid the foundation for goth music, that’s hardly worth disputing. Luckily, you don’t have to like goth music to like Bauhaus. The group’s first two LPs have been remastered and reissued this year, on vinyl, and that’s great news for those of us who haven’t managed to pick these wonderful, dark albums up on […]

Tape Tuesday: Gnod / Bear Bones, Lay Low “split” CS

Karelian label Full of Nothing has released a split tape featuring the finest sounds from the outer worlds of cosmic kraut brought to you by the English troupe Gnod in collaboration with Bear Bones, Lay Low. If you are anything like me (God perish the thought) then you were not aware that Bear Bones, Lay […]