Boards of Canada “Tomorrow’s Harvest” 2xLP

And of course, we would be remiss if we did not mention this week’s big vinyl news break: Boards of Canada have a new album available to pre-order. Personally, I’d rather check out new music from Opal Tapes and Further Records (see below) but I am a crotchety old man and would also rather spin […]

Tape Tuesday: Opal Tapes

Along with Further, Opal Tapes is our other go-to tape label at OMGV HQ. Unfortunately, these can be a little difficult to get your mitts on sometimes… everything, and I mean everything, is sold out from the label. Experimedia stocked a good portion of their recent catalog last week, and that’s all pretty much gone […]

Tape Tuesday: Further Records

Further Records just dropped a new batch of tapes, and that means its probably time you threw a little money their way in exchange for analog wares. Still one of the most consistent and probably underrated labels in existence — I implore you to check their shit out. Skewed techno sounds for the post-party, acid-casualty […]

Tape Tuesday: Dispirit “111112” CS

Finally, the follow up to Dispirit’s rehearsal demo is ready for consumption. This is raw, ugly, droning black metal. For $9.50, mine was delivered within days and came with two stickers. Highly recommended purchase:

Tape Tuesday: Tropic of Cancer “I Feel Nothing” CS

This excellent 3-song EP from Tropic of Cancer was initially released as a very limited (and now sold out) vinyl edition. Do not despair, you can still pick up the cassette edition, which is limited to 100 at Honestly though, I can’t believe this isn’t sold out — it’s a dark and lovely slice of […]

Lilacs & Champagne “Danish & Blue” Test Pressing Giveaway

Exciting news this morning, as we are finally ready to announce this giveaway from Mexican Summer and Alex and Emil’s Lilacs & Champagne project. Their excellent new album is out this week, and to celebrate the label is giving away a test pressing to one of our readers. What’s more, we have a second prize […]

The Haxan Cloak “Excavation” 2xLP

The newest album from The Haxan Cloak, on Tri Angle Records, is sounding superb. We can only imagine what a quality vinyl pressing will do to bring these nocturnal noises to life. Literally, we can only imagine, because right now it’s only available for pre-order. Perfect, dark electronics. Claim a copy on 2xLP at or […]

Imaginational Anthem Vol. 6 LP

This is surely one of the finest releases to surface in celebration of 2013’s Record Store Day, coming from a criminally under-appreciated label, Tompkins Square. The sixth volume in their Imaginational Anthem series focuses on the Origins of American Primitive Guitar, presenting songs recorded between 1923 and 1930, lovingly transferred and remastered from 78rpm records […]

Portal “Vexovoid” LP

Portal’s Vexovoid, and all the madness and depravity that comes packaged with it, is now available on vinyl. You can find a few songs to stream on the internet, but you really just need to gather yourself, purchase it, take it home and spin it. This is distributed by so it should be available […]

Don Bikoff “Celestial Explosion” LP

While we’re on the topic of the “criminally under-appreciated” Tompkins Square, it seems it would also be our duty to alert you to this stunning reissue of Don Bikoff’s lone album, originally released in 1968, and featuring the type of subtly psychedelic, solo acoustic guitar sound that fits so perfectly on the vinyl format. Celestial […]